It’s Official: This Is How to *Actually* Pronounce Hygge

For the better part of two years, the entire world (or at least everyone in the Well+Good office) has been obsessed with the Danish concept of hygge. It not only sanctions being a comfy, cozy seasonal recluse, but it also gives a name to a feeling—namely the instant high you can achieve by canceling plans, staying home cocooned in cashmere, or reading a book (or, let's be real—bingeing on Netflix).

But considering how often folks speak about hygge (and how often I write about it)—it's surprising that it's one of those words you (fine, I) try to mutter quickly and quietly so no one really hears. So, for the sake of coziness, hygge-ness everywhere, and just, like, general knowledge, two of our editors went on a quest to discover how to pronounce it.

And now you know! You're welcome.

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