There’s Only One “Right Way” to Roll up Your Sleeves, and It’s a J.Crew Classic

When you've been doing something one way your entire life, it's really hard to accept that there might be a better method out there to get the job done. Sure, no one likes to be proven wrong. I'm still not over the fact that I've been cutting onions incorrectly for years. (Think of all the tears I've shed for nothing!) And when it comes to how to roll up sleeves, there's only one right way, and you can master the technique just in time for the warm weather ahead.

If anyone knows how to roll up sleeves like a boss, it's Jenna Lyons, the former president and creative director of J.Crew. As someone who worked within the world of chambray shirts for 26 years (and, FYI, basically made them a trend in the first place), she's probably styled a few long sleeves in her day. So it goes without saying that any method other than hers couldn't be more wrong.

Lyon's iconic sleeve-rolling technique is actually really simple. First, unbutton the buttons at the end of the sleeve and roll the end up so it meets your elbow. Then, cuff the remainder about an inch, letting the ends stick out of the top. In seconds, you'll have a #lewk so perfect it'll make the mannequins at J.Crew do a double-take.

Here's how to roll up sleeves the right way:

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