To Avoid Buying *All the Things* at Target, Wear Headphones

Photo: Getty Images/Andresr
At this point, The Target Effect is a well-acknowledged shopping phenomena that plays out something like this: You stroll inside the glorious store's sliding doors to pick up one single item (say, natural deodorant), and leave with an entire cart full of shower products, home decor knick knacks, some snacks, and a couple of those giant plastic balls. (You know, for stability workout purposes.) Rather than chiding yourself for poor impulse control, you can now place the blame for your mile-long receipt on one clever atmospheric move by the retailer: the tunes. Or rather, the lack thereof.

In case you've never noticed, the aisles of one of America's favorite superstores are almost always silent apart from the joyous cries of the folks passing through the desk supplies section. And according to Reader's Digest, there's a compelling—and wallet-emptying—reason why. Listening to music has been linked with increasing productivity and boosting mood. So silence could have the opposite effect, causing you to wonder aimlessly picking up item after item.

Target has slowly started integrating music into 65 stores across America this year, and plans to bump that number up to 200 plus by the end of this year. A Target spokesperson said the playlist will be “upbeat, positive, and has a playful personality." Meaning, you'll seen be bopping as you buy.

Until that time though, do your bank account and your busy schedule a solid by bringing your headphones and a killer playlist to help make your next Target haul a speedy one. Take that, marketing ploys.

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