Learn How to Save for a Big Life Goal From Two Nutritionists-Turned-Entrepreneurs

Once you start the process of tackling a big goal (think: start a business, buy a home, plan a celebration—you get the picture), does your brain end up malfunctioning and command-quitting on you?

Good news: Saving for a big goal doesn't have to be so overwhelming. Take it from Food Heaven founders and registered dietitians Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, who turned to a strategic savings plan to create the online healthy-eating platform.

"Food Heaven started off as a passion project, and through savings we've really been able to grow our business and turn this into a full-time job," explains Lopez. "We’re a go-to nutrition resource, especially for people who feel underrepresented within the wellness industry."

Saving was a major factor in launching the endeavor—and continues to fuel Food Heaven today. "[We set] up a savings account that was completely separate from our checking," Jones says. "It allowed us to have a different mindset about the money that was already put away and really think about the big picture."

Watch the video for more ways you can save money in order to achieve a big life goal.

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