The Pro-Approved Ways to Sculpt Your Jawline at Home

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I'm well aware of how to go about sculpting various limbs. For your arms, it's all about embracing the push-up and perhaps dabbling in boxing. For legs, I'd recommend all the lunges. For that peach? Plenty of squats. When it comes to the face, and more specifically, the jawline, however, there are other exercises (AKA treatments you can do at home) that do the job. Keep on scrolling for all of the intel for how to chisel your jawline both at home or through treatments at the derm's office.

Gua sha
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Gua sha

Sometimes, all it takes to lift and sculpt is a mere crystal—AKA your gua sha tool. "Gua sha is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine treatment where the skin is scraped to intentionally create transitory therapeutic petechiae one (which looks like bruising)," says Lamees Hamdan, MD, physician and founder and CEO of beauty brand Shiffa. "This has positive anti-inflammatory and immune protective effects for the body and the area being treated."

To sculpt your jawline, it takes time and effort using the thin facial tool (which is usually made out of a crystal). It may look like a simple piece of stone, but it works to "contour and refine the face," says Dr. Hamdan. "Gua sha releases muscular tension, which tends to give you a pinched, angry look, and it helps circulation and to lift the skin. With use, your skin looks visibly plumped, and it glows."

Typically, the tool has two different edge types: a pointed one, which Dr. Hamdan says is better to break up lines, and a serrated edge, which she notes is used to help stimulate acupuncture points. To sculpt your own jawline with it, according to her, place one edge in the middle of the chin with the pointed edge facing downwards. Sweep upwards from your chin to your ears and wiggle it slightly at the end to promote lymphatic drainage. Then, switch to the smooth edge and sweep the lower half of the face in an upwards direction. "I'd recommend performing gua sha at least three times a week in order to see results, but every day would be better," she says.

Facial massage

The power of touch is sometimes underrated. By simply using facial massage techniques, you can also sculpt your own jawline. "By using gentle pressure across acupressure points and elongated strokes to accentuate blood flow, facial muscles and skin cells are able to regenerate, creating a tone and lifted effect," says Bella Schneider, CEO of Palo Alto's LaBelle Day Spas and formulator of Bella Schneider Beauty. "For sculpting the jawline, focus on pressing and releasing the pressure points along the center of the jaw. Long Swedish and effleurage techniques in the direction of lymph points encourages the draining of lymph fluid for maximum sculpting."

For your jawline specifically, Schneider says to place the soft part of your palms against the corners of your mouth on each side and push the muscle upward from your cheek to your ear. "When you reach your ear, reduce the strength, lift up your chin slightly, and use your hand to slide from the ear to the neck and down to the collarbone," she says. Another method is to place the soft palm of your hand at the peak of your chin and push towards the ear. "Your thumb will then slide to the back behind the ear," says Schneider. "Let the chin fall and relax into the palm and slowly do this for three times on each side."

The main point of any facial sculpting massage, according to her, is to relax your nerve tension and drain excess fluid in the face that causes puffiness. "Facial exercises including wide smiles and making an 'ou' shape with the mouth can also sculpt the jawline," says Shneider. You can do these at home on the reg by incorporating them into your cleansing routine, or get a facial massage treatment from a pro. Either way, it's like working out—it should be done regularly for best results. "Be consistent and have a strategy of movements that you repeat every time so as to see real results," she says. "Use a creamy moisturizer or hydrating serum during the massage to maximize your results."


Another facial sculpting method? Microcurrent, AKA electrical stimulation that sends weak electrical signals through the body and is a revered add-on of choice by plenty of facialists and dermatologists alike. "I love doing microcurrent facials for the jawline area," says celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, founder of Joanna Vargas Salons and her eponymous skin-care collection. "The Triple Crown Facial, my signature facial, uses three unique steps to reshape your face. By the end of the treatment, your jawline will be more defined, your cheekbones more pronounced, and you'll have younger-looking and refreshed eyes."

She raves about microcurrent technology as an effective way of toning your skin. "It's absolutely wonderful for lifting and toning the skin long-term," says Vargas. "I use electricity to drain out excess water, tighten the muscle, and tighten the skin to make the jaw and cheeks look tight, lifted, and youthful. Although it's a non-invasive treatment, it's like going to the gym for your face." To achieve the desired results, Vargas recommends going roughly every three to four weeks.

Professional treatments

You can go in to see your dermatologist for more advanced treatments, too. According to Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and founder of PFrankMD, you can opt for ultherapy or Exilis. "Combination treatments like ultherapy and Exilis stimulate the production of collagen and tighten the skin," he says.

Ultherapy is a non-invasive face and neck treatment that uses ultrasound technology to stimulate your collagen and tighten your skin, while Exilis penetrates deep below your skin's surface to boost collagen and firm your skin through ultrasound and radio-frequency energy. As with most jawline sculpting techniques, though, these are not a one-time event that produce long-lasting results. "These treatments require maintenance," he explains. "They last six months to one year depending on the patient, but results can be seen immediately after the treatment. However, they are temporary and could require re-treatments as the aging process continues."

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