This Do-It-All Facial Tool Will Give You a Pro-Grade Sculpting Facial at Home in 7 Minutes Flat

Even if you do everything right, it’s an unavoidable fact of life that by the time you hit your late 20s the collagen in your skin starts to deplete. It’s why fine lines and wrinkles show up, and why your complexion is bound to be less bouncy on your 30th birthday than it was when you were celebrating your 21st back in college (blame it on biology, y'all). While Botox and in-office treatments have been known to help the situation, there’s also an easy, at-home way to remedy it in seven minutes flat.

Enter: The ZIIP ($495). The device, which was created by electrical esthetician Melanie Simon, uses microcurrent technology to sculpt and de-puff your face while also doing away with those pesky lines… and then some. In the latest episode of What the Wellness, host Ella Dove puts it to the test, and she “fell in love” after a single treatment.

The effects of microcurrent for sculpting and smoothing have been well-studied. ZIIP uses multiple wave forms to stimulate collagen, promote circulation, and move fluid through your face. ZIIP connects with an app on your phone to give you all of the benefits of a pro-grade facial without ever having to leave your bathroom (or, in Dove’s case, your couch). Simon will walk you through the entire treatment via video, and by the end of the session you’ll see noticeable results. The more you use it, the greater its effects will be.

Sculpting isn’t the only thing that this techy device can do—there are nine different treatments, each of which targets a different issue. In addition to the “lymph and lift” and “instant gratification” options, which help with sculpting, the “total clearing” treatment kills bacteria beneath the skin to zap zits before they even start; the “pigment” treatment  gets rid of discoloration from things like hyperpigmentation and dark spots; and the “vitaleyes” treatment works to wake up the area around your eyes. There's also a two-minute "quick fix" that's perfect for any time you need instant results.

To see what happened when Dove tried it for herself, check out the video above—and prepare to be amazed by the before and after shots.

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