How to Shop for the Most Comfortable Underwear Ever, According to a Lingerie Pro

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As Wesley from The Princess Bride put it, life is pain, and "anyone who says otherwise is selling something." While the sentiment is definitely a dark one (... sorry), it seems to ring true—especially when we're talking about underwear. Because in my personal experience, the cuter a pair of them are on the hanger, the less comfortable they feel when you put 'em on. I've asked myself time and time again just how much discomfort I'm willing to put up with for the sake of my undergarments, and the answer is "none." At this point, my tolerance for being uncomfortable is lower than the success rate of my Hinge dates, which is why my underwear drawer is basically just bralettes and granny panties (though I will argue that granny panties can be both comfortable and sexy).

The worst surprise (other than finding out your date is a conspiracy theorist) is putting on a pair of underwear that you thought were going to be comfortable, only to find yourself being pinched and wedgied all day long. No thank you. So I asked Maggie Mee, Trunk Club’s Head of Merchandising, to share her tips on how to shop for underwear that's actually comfortable.

"When you look at your underwear drawer, think about the context that you'll be wearing them. We encourage people to have four different categories: everyday, seamless, workout, and sexy," she says. "You'll also want to think about what you're wearing on a regular basis and how your underwear connects." For example, if you're wearing white pants you're probably going to want to choose a pair in a shade close to your skin tone. And if the context is sexy underwear, let's be realistic: comfortable, sexy underwear is totally possible—it's just not going to be as comfortable as the cotton briefs you throw on for every day.

As for material, Mee says that it's definitely a personal preference—but for every day undies, she recommends cotton because it's breathable. If you opt for a non-cotton pair, she says to make sure that they have a cotton insert. This will help keep things from getting, well, overheated down there.

Finding pairs that are durable also means that you'll have to go on a quest for comfy underwear less often. "Check to see if your everyday undies are machine washable," Mee says. "If they are more delicate, I'd recommend hand-washing or washing on delicate in a lingerie bag and hang drying to increase longevity."

With all of that in mind, keep scrolling to shop some seriously comfortable—and cute—pairs of undies.

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