These Two Things Could Be Affecting Your Ability to Get a Good Night’s Sleep—Here’s What to Do About It

Getting out of bed in the morning shouldn't feel like that scene from Titanic where Rose is holding onto a plank of wood for dear life (while not scooting over for Jack)—you should feel ready to take on the day and like your eight-hour snooze-fest was worth it.

So, what's keeping you from feeling refreshed? Could be both the light and air quality in your bedroom. We've all heard about blue light (you know, the artificial light from your devices and also the arch nemesis of your natural circadian rhythm), but here's another not-so-fun fact: The pollutants inside your bedroom could actually be two to five times higher than outdoors.

So what to do? One step is to introduce warm, relaxing light to wash over your room with the Dyson Lightcycle task light. It automatically adjusts brightness and color temperature, has settings for waking up, working, and relaxation, and features motion sensors to detect any surrounding light—so it sets the stage for when you want to be productive and helps you ease into sleep mode, naturally.

When it comes to the air, aim to keep the temperature around 65-70° consistently so that you never have to worry about sticking a leg out due to overheating or getting up to adjust the thermostat when you get too chilly. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier does all that and more, because it circulates air to maintain a consistent temp while also capturing pollutants at the same time.

Want more simple tips on how you can adjust your space for better sleep? Tune in above for easy swaps and routines to add to your upgraded light and air situation.

Watch the video above to find out the two factors that could be affecting your shut-eye—and get more tips for better zzz's.

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