3 Ways to Tell Whether or Not You’re Washing Your Hair Properly

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There's no shame in trying to make your blowout last a little longer with apple cider vinegar—or styling your second-day strands into a messy updo. Turns out, taking plenty of rest days in between cleanses can be good for your hair health, according to Fabian Lliguin, co-founder of clean beauty brand Rahua, who recommends shampooing your scalp twice a week.

"The time in between will help balance oil secretion and [allow] the conditioner to do the work," he says.

But fewer washes also means that when you treat your tresses to a suds, it's super important that you're doing it correctly to remove build-up and keep things simpatico between you and your scalp. Not sure if your rinse cycle is really getting the job done?

Here are 3 signs your hair-care routine could use a makeover. 

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1. Your scalp or hair is oily

It sounds counterintuitive, but if your strands look slick after you shower, it could be a sign that your cleaning your hair too much. Why? “Shampooing daily over-stimulates the scalp, producing more oils," says Lliguin.

2. But the ends are dry

While it's fine to skip shampoos every couple of days, you still want to hydrate your hair on the reg. Consider swapping one of your weekly cleanses with a co-wash (AKA moisturizer-only shower session) and investing in a good hair oil in between.

3. Things up top aren't smelling so fresh and so clean

Dirty hair smell is a thing (you know the one), and if you’re catching a whiff of your own after a cleaning, it might be a sign of build-up. Lliguin recommends scrubbing one to two spoonfuls of shampoo into your scalp for four minutes, rinsing, then massaging the same amount of conditioner into your hair for three to five minutes. Not only will it leave your locks healthier, your new shower routine totally doubles as a speedy arm sculpting sesh.

Now all you need's an awesome natural shampoo and conditioner and some ACV to make your hair super shiny

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