How to Throw Yourself the Ultimate Self-Care Staycation

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Trends may come and go on Pinterest (RIP, frosted lip gloss), but when searches for a particular topic skyrocket 537 percent in a year alone, as they recently did with self-care, it's time to take a closer look. These acts of inward love in the form of yoga, meditation, face-masking, and essential oil diffusing, have taken off on the platform, proving that dedicating time to taking care of yourself can pay off big time (both physically and emotionally).

If you're looking for a little more than simple Sunday to devote to yourself, but a little less than a full-on spa vacay, step right this way to hear all about the self-care staycation. It's exactly what it sounds like: Time dedicated to the best bath goods, hygge apparel, and yoga sequences that seamlessly transform your space into a spa-like oasis. Here, interior designers and spa owners weigh in on how to make the magic happen in your own home.

Keep scrolling for their to-dos and essentials for the ultimate self-care experience at home. 

Self-care staycation
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Clean your house

Plan for a professional to come to your house to do a deep clean ahead of your staycation, or alternatively (and most importantly if it doesn't cause stress) do it yourself. “We like to do the cleaning ourselves because it’s part of the therapy,” says Adam Littke, who co-owns the immaculate and endlessly photographable kitchen and home shop Set & Co. in Dallas with his wife Jen.

Set the scent

“Scents can be one of the most powerful and transportive elements,” says Nina Freudenberger, owner of New York City-based Haus Interior. The interior designer suggests picking something that resonates for you personally, but says to be mindful of a candle's base. “Try to stick with a natural beeswax or coconut base to set the tone,” she adds.

You can also create some natural fragrances by baking cloved orange peels in the oven or incorporating sweet smelling plants in your bathroom. “Get some eucalyptus leaves—not the silver dollar ones—from the farmer’s market and hang them upside down on your shower head,” says Freudenberger. “When you take a shower it will smell like heaven, and it looks super cool.” And of course, add a few drops of any essential oil to your diffuser, and you're a few puffs away from an IRL spa.

Self-care staycation
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Eat clean

So that you never have to wonder what's for dinner, gather up the goods before your staycation (and that way, you won't have to leave the house, either). Opt for grab-and-go options from vegan or vegetarian spots like By Chloe, Two Forks, or Inday, so that you have something on hand for your entire stay.

Dress the part

A spa day doesn’t truly begin until you get into a robe and slippers. “It’s always fun to try something new,” says Freudenberger. “Get a new stack of sheets or a waffle weave or terrycloth robe that will make you feel like you could be in a hotel.”

For a luxe option, celebrity facialist Joanna Czech suggests a Valentina Kova robe paired with Jenni Kayne’s alpaca, shearling, or suede slippers and a cotton headband, which go for just $6 (in every color of the rainbow) on Amazon. Though you might not need to put all of your belongings into a locker, you should still plan to stow away your phone, so you're not technologically tempted. 

Set the itinerary

Once the scene is set, plan out what you want to do on your days off. You can alternate activities like yoga with beauty moments. Organize some products that elevate your skincare routine and create a truly spa-like experience. “I love Cream Extraordinary for the body, which is deeply moisturizing and nourishing with gold leaf flakes,” says Czech. 

For an added treat, Set & Co.’s Littke swears by adding Hinoki Aroma Flakes to the bath. “These are the ultimate in self-care,” he says. “They soothe the skin and have added aromatherapy benefits.”

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