One Jar of This Beauty-Blogger-Approved Body Butter Is Sold Every 14 Seconds, and It’s Perfect for Fall

Photo: Corinth Suarez/Josie Maran/W+G Creative
Fall things that just make sense: Figuring out the annual puzzle of what to do with the three dozen apples you just picked, switching from iced coffee to hot, and changing up your skin-care routine to deal with the brisker, dryer air (a sweater can only go so far in supporting your baby-soft skin goals).

Take it from digital creator and beauty buff Corinth Suarez: Properly hydrating your skin is a must, especially when the temps dip. Growing up, Suarez admits that she was never a fan of moisturizing her body, until she had an epiphany. “Once I saw skin for what it is—the LARGEST ORGAN of my body—I never looked at moisturizers the same way again,” she says. “The one product I avoided with my life [is] now something I cannot live without.”

These days, Suarez reaches for Josie Maran skin-care essentials, especially the bestselling Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter. And she's not the only one: Since 2016, one jar has been sold every 14 seconds, with over 15 million sold to date.

"Whenever I [try] a new Josie Maran product, I always say, 'wow, this is unique!' or 'wow, I’ve never seen this before,' and once I’ve tried them, I am impressed with their performance," Suarez says. "That’s what I’ve seen Josie Maran consistently deliver through the years—unique, innovative, and effective formulations." Naturally, this product—inspired by Josie's dream to whip up her signature 100% Pure Argan Oil into a dreamy, spreadable formula—is no exception. The result? A body butter Suarez (and the rest of the internet) can't get enough of.

Keep scrolling for more on how to use body butter for all your soft-skin goals—and why Suarez swears by this whipped one.

Powerhouse Ingredients

Here's the DL on the ingredients: Argan oil is packed with essential fatty acids that can help counter dry skin and minimize the look of fine lines by boosting skin elasticity. Together with shea butter and avocado oil, the trio works to leave your skin feeling ridiculously soft.

“The first two ingredients in this body butter [are] water and the 100% Pure Argan Oil, which means these two ingredients are the bulk of the formula,” Suarez says. “Not only does argan oil provide intense hydration and nourishment, it is also known to have natural anti-aging properties so it helps keep the skin firm, something I need now that I’m in my 30s.”

Plus, the light, non-sticky formula comes unscented or in a wide array of delicious, naturally derived scents like classic vanilla bean, Suarez's fave. “For someone who’s sensitive about fragrance and scents, I really appreciated the faint smell of vanilla when I first used it,” she says. “My first thought was, ‘mmmm, this is not overpowering at all.’”

Lasting Hydration

You know when you slather on moisturizer and feel great, but 20 minutes later feel like you didn't put anything on at all? Yeah—this doesn't do that, thanks to the argan oil in the formula that helps lock moisture into the skin all day long. “This product doesn’t just fade away to where you feel your skin is parched midday,” Suarez notes. “I felt my skin, and I was shocked at how soft and smooth it was, like my skin just drank a cup of water."

To that end, the body butter even went viral on TikTok for providing the ultimate instant healthy glow, with TikTokers referring to it as their secret for getting dewy "model" skin.

Cloud-Like Formula

The Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter is known for—well—its air-whipped texture. “It feels lightweight, something my younger self highly appreciates,” Suarez says, referring to her former anti-lotion days. “Some body butters feel like a workout to apply, but not this one. It’s really amazing.”

So go ahead and swipe some of the fuss-free formula on, luxuriate in your glowy fall skin era, and save the workout for hauling your three dozen apples into your kitchen.

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