8 Ways to Use Healing Stones to Spark Major Changes in Life

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Long gone are the days when crystals were reserved for just yogis and spiritual gurus. Now, even celebrities like Bella Hadid and Miranda Kerr are harnessing the power of the shimmering stones.

And it’s very easy to see why everyone is currently crushing on crystals. Beyond being pretty to look at, they’re also said to help with better sleep, channeling chill vibes, and attracting abundance, among just a few healing properties (despite their efficacy still being up for debate).

So, how exactly do these sacred stones heal us? “To heal is to feel,” says Energy Muse co-founder and Crystal Muse author, Heather Askinosie. “Crystals are not these magical stones that are going to change your life. Crystals are tools to help you go to those deeper layers within yourself, but you still have to do the work.”

"Crystals are not these magical stones that are going to change your life. Crystals are tools to help you go to those deeper layers within yourself, but you still have to do the work." —Heather Askinosie, Energy Muse co-founder

Below, the expert shares five healing stones and eight different ways to use them in your life to usher in healing vibrations.

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5 healing stones to add to your starter pack

In essence, all crystals are healing stones—and choosing the right one for you is actually a very intuitive process.

“We know what’s good for us,” Askinosie says. “Go to what you're attracted to, and trust that whatever you picked is exactly where you are at that moment and what you need. You are not going to make the wrong move.”

Blue lace agate

This crystal, with its dreamy powder blue hue and soothing stripes, is a popular healing stone for squelching anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Just by looking at it, you can absorb its gentle, calming energy.

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“Selenite helps to clear your energy field,” Askinosie says. If you’ve been around a lot of people and feel like you’ve been absorbing their vibe, she suggests laying a piece of it on your chest for three to five minutes before you go to bed to cleanse your aura.

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Looking to heal your finances? Pyrite is a good stone for manifesting money. Put in your purse so that every time you look inside, you’re reminded of all the abundance in your life.

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Although it hasn’t been scientifically proven, the black, glossy shungite stone is said to help neutralize the electromagnetic frequency from electronic devices. Askinosie suggests situating it next to your computer or other electronic devices for protection.

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Black tourmaline

This crystal is also great for an extra layer of spiritual protection. You can carry it in your pocket, wear it, or put it outside your home for an energy shield around your space.

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8 ways to use healing stones

“There is no right or wrong way [to use crystals],” Askinosie says. Still, it's important to make crystals a part of your daily routine to reap all the benefits.

1. Program your crystal with an intention

The first things to do when you’re working with a crystal is to program it with an intention. “The crystal wants to work for you, but you have to tell it what to do,” Askinosie says. It will then serve as a daily reminder of that goal.

To program it, “hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths,” she says. Then aloud or in your head, say “I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this crystal to hold the intention of [insert your intention here].”

End by saying thank you three times to “emphasize that what you’re asking for already exists in the universe,” she says.

2. Wear your crystals

The more you touch your precious stones, the more you can tap into their energy, so wearing them is a smart stategy. And these days, crystals are in literally everything: jewelry, beauty products, clothing—you name it. But if all else fails, tucking one into your bra will always do the trick.

3. Toss them into your purse or pocket

If wearing crystals isn’t your thing, or maybe you just want to start small on your gemstone journey, put one in your pocket or purse. Use it as a touchstone throughout the day to help ground you.

4. Meditate with them

To up your dose of spiritual energy, meditate while holding your crystals to connect with their metaphysical powers. “You are not praying to the crystals,” Askinosie says. “You’re holding them as a source for you to get connected within yourself.”

5. Create a crystal layout

To mentally and energetically kick off your day right, Askinosie recommends creating a crystal layout in the morning before you get out of bed.

Simply lay down and place a few crystals on your body (i.e., a piece of rose quartz on your heart chakra or an amethyst over your third eye) and just breathe and marinate in the high-vibe energy of the stones. “After even just five minutes of laying there, you will feel a shift,” Askinosie says.

6. Put them in your bath

Make your bath time feel über fancy by throwing some gems in the water. (Not all crystals are meant to be in water though, so be sure to double check first). Askinosie recommends shungite for detoxing and rose quartz for some nurturing self-love.

7. Sprinkle them throughout your space

Cleansing the energy of your home is as easy as sprinkling a few stones throughout your space. Not only do they elevate the vibe, but they make for beautiful decor in every room, too. Place a crystal on your desk to give you good vibes while you work. Use a big geode as the centerpiece on your coffee table. Or, go all out and create an altar with all your crystals, tarot cards, and palo santo. 

8. Do a ritual with them

For some deep healing, a crystal ritual might be in order. Askinosie says malachite is a hot stone for transformation. So if you're ready to heal emotional wounds, forgive yourself or others, or let go of beliefs that are no longer serving you, stock up on the gorgeous green gem, and hold it over your heart for 11 minutes and just feel, she says.

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