Watch Your Back, Baking Soda: This Multitasking DIY Cleaning Ingredient Is About to Be *Everywhere*

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When it comes to making your home look and feel squeaky-clean, you can always depend on a few different natural solutions to get the job done: Tea tree oil is a great disinfectant, ACV makes your counters shine, and baking soda flawlessly cleans your tub. But the OG cleaning all-stars better watch their backs because there's a new DIY ingredient in town that can truly do. it. all.

According to Hunker, lemongrass—which grows in stalks and is commonly used in Asian cooking—belongs in your next all-natural cleaning spray. Not only does it smell great and instantly deodorize anything you use it on (yep, it can even combat the stench of your stinky gym shoes!), but it also has some serious germ-fighting powers, too.

Not only does lemongrass smell great and instantly deodorize anything you use it on, but it also has some serious germ-fighting powers, too.

Instead of using the lemongrass as is, try combining it with the peel of one or two limes in a glass jar filled with eight ounces of distilled white vinegar. Then let it do its thing for a couple weeks, shaking it every few days to release all the prized oils from the plants. After the time is up, simply remove the lime and lemongrass with a strainer and transfer 1 cup of the mixture into a spray bottle. Add a cup of filtered water to dilute it and 15 drops each of lemongrass and lime essential oil.

After you have your mix ready to go, you can basically use the all-purpose cleaner whenever (and wherever!) you want, from your countertops and sinks to your toilets. Just be careful, though: Writer Stephanie Gerber recommends wearing gloves if you use it a lot, since it can cause skin irritation. (Lime disease is real, ya'll.) Also, avoid using it on certain materials, including "marble, granite, and other natural stones," as well as on hardwood floors since it could erode the finish if you don't test it out first.

So there you have it: a fresh-smelling solution to cleaning your home the natural way. Sure, baking soda will always have a place in your heart—but this new kid on the block is good.

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