10 Delicious Ways To Use Perfectly Ripe Tomatoes

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Photo: Stocksy/Andrew Cebulka
It's that time of year again! The time when your plants are overflowing with ripe tomatoes and the farmers' market is calling your name. Maybe you have so many tomatoes that you have no idea what to do with all of them. Well, help is on the way. You're never going to run out of meal options ever again.

The best thing about tomatoes is their versatility. You can cut them up and add them to practically any savory dish, and they can also be the star of the show in recipes when you stuff them, turn them into a soup, or use them to make a mouth-watering pasta sauce. You can even use them to make smoothies. Here's to your best tomato season yet.

1. BLT avocado wraps

how to use tomatoes
Photo: Clean Food Crush

This BLT got a healthy upgrade with a crunchy wrap version. What makes it even better is that the crispy iceberg lettuce wrap also contains thinly-sliced avocado for a touch of creaminess.

Get the recipe: BLT avocado wraps

2. Garden fresh tomato soup

Photo: Wholefully

It's never too early for tomato soup, right? Instead of dipping your grilled cheese into the canned version, make your own with your own tomatoes. You can even freeze it to enjoy throughout the colder months.

Get the recipe: Garden fresh tomato soup

3. White bean pizza

how to use tomatoes
Photo: Amy Gorin

This RD-approved pizza recipe uses a naan crust, white bean sauce, and fresh tomato topping. It can also be made in under 20 minutes.

Get the recipe: White bean pizza

4. Roasted tomato salsa

Photo: The Flavours of Kitchen

Why buy store-bought salsa when you can make your own? This version has fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, garlic, and spices for a spicy and tangy dip for your tortilla chips.

Get the recipe: Roasted tomato salsa

5. Sun-dried tomato and basil meatballs

how to use tomatoes
Photo: Minimalist Baker

This is a more timely recipe, because first you have to make sun-dried tomatoes. But once they're ready to go, you can use them to create this super-flavorful meatballs for your next spaghetti night.

Get the recipe: Sun-dried tomato and basil meatballs

6. Zesty tomato smoothie

Photo: Sharon Palmer

Spoiler: This dietitian-backed tomato smoothie is basically a savory Bloody Mary, minus the booze. All you need to do is blend up your ingredients—including diced tomatoes, soy milk, onions, and almonds—in a blender, and you're good to go. Sounds weird, tastes delicious.

Get the recipe: Zesty tomato smoothie

7. Roasted corn and basil stuffed tomatoes

how to use tomatoes
Photo: Pinch of Yum

Stuffed peppers, who? It's the tomato's turn to shine in this recipe. After stuffing them with brown rice, fresh sweet corn, garlic, and cheese, you broil them for a few minutes and they're good to go.

Get the recipe: Roasted corn and basil stuffed tomatoes

8. Tomato basil salad

Photo: Bites of Wellness

Tomato basil salad If you're looking for a quick and easy recipe for your cherry tomatoes, this salad is it. It only takes five minutes to make, and it only requires six ingredients you already have at home.

Get the recipe: Tomato basil salad

9. Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce

how to use tomatoes
Photo: Cookie + Kate

You can't have a tomato recipe roundup without some spaghetti sauce. This version will make you feel like an Italian chef.

Get the recipe: Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce

10. Authentic gazpacho recipe

Photo: Gimme Some Oven

One of the best gazpacho recipes you'll ever make involves using tomatoes freshly-picked from your own garden. This authentic recipe can be made in a blender, then it's chilled and served cold with some toppings.

Get the recipe: Authentic gazpacho recipe

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