Following This ’30-Second Rule’ Is the Key to Finally Washing Your Hair Less Often

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When's the last time I washed my hair, you ask? Okay, okay... if you insist. It was exactly one week ago today. And I'm still going strong. In the past, I lathered up every other day, and that meant spending so much time drying and styling—not to mention hardly enjoying all that effort before having to go through the whole process again. But times have changed, and if you want to join the Once-a-Week Hair Wash Club, there's an easy way in.

Everyone knows dry shampoo is a godsend. It's pretty self-explanatory, too: You spray it in, wiggle it around, and go about your day with a fresh new 'do. Here's the thing, though: If you turn it around and read the instructions, you're probably going to get more bang for your buck—and put off those washes for longer. When it comes to using the product, the key is to spray it in, wait 30 seconds, then shake it into your hair. (For just $5, Dove's selection of dry shampoos are great at getting rid of oil and sebum of the root.)

During that waiting time, the product is doing its thing, soaking up oil and hiding any remnants of the white powder that just found a new home on your strands. After the time is up, you can massage it in per usual. Not only do you get to skip a couple more days of washes, but you also get more volume, less oil, and a better texture in the process. Sorry, shampoo and conditioner, but it might be a while until we meet again.

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