How to Create an Office-Friendly Look That’s Effortlessly Cool (in Both Style and Temp)

When it's so humid that your hair frizzes as soon as step outside, getting dressed becomes a calculated balance of pieces that will keep you from dripping sweat but also looks profesh enough for the office.

For a summer styling masterclass, we turned to Well+Good audience development associate Celine Cortes, who *always* looks comfy and effortlessly cool (just ask anyone at W+G). Her secret? Keeping versatile wardrobe essentials like her New Balance FF Sports on rotation with a circuit of street-style looks.

"I'm super inspired by New York City," Cortes says." If there’s some street style that I see, I’ll definitely pair that with my favorite activewear pieces and that makes me feel like it’s my own personal look.”

Cortes counts on go-anywhere threads (like easy dresses she can stash in her gym bag for a quick post-workout change) plus a denim jacket for icebox-temp offices (what up, AC). Watch the video above to snag her next-level tips, and count yourself one of the cool kids.

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