How to Do an at-Home Crystal Workout (Yes, Really)

Sure, you can do squats with your dog—but that won't call in any higher powers (just fluffy feelings of love for your pooch). That's why you should opt for a crystal workout instead. You know, for a super-charged sweat.

For some tips, allow Luke Simon to school you. As a crystal-lover and healer who's started a sober hangout called Softer Image, he works with gemstones all day—and is certainly familiar with their physical as well as vibrational properties. But his go-to for a sweat sesh is a huge hunk of quartz (of course)—lemurian, to be exact.

Simon recently posted his playful "gems at the gym" workout, which replaces dumbbells with two clear quartz stones to get those biceps pumping. "As you can see I'm just doing some curls right here," he says. "Not only am I building up my muscles, [but] I'm flexing my core."

"I'm actually bringing in spiritual energy into my physical body as I work with these."

And it's not just for your arms: "I'm also tapping into ancient wisdom of lemurian Altantean consciousness from these crystals that were used back in the day," says Simon. (Lemurian gemstones are said to channel your past lives and ancient civilizations like Atlantis.)

Mind blown yet? "I'm actually bringing in spiritual energy into my physical body as I work with these," he adds. If you're interested in a more intense workout than that, Simon suggests using 20-pound lumerian quartz. That should make things more challenging—and hey, it takes the mind-body workout to a whole new level.

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