10 Ways to Unplug in 2018, According to Wellness Pros

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Have a case of brain fog or simply feel blah as if your biological battery's been depleted? (Asking for a friend....) As the year winds down, often so do our energy levels—weeks of straight celebrating will do that to you. But if life right now feels like an unending series of push notifications, it might be time to unplug and reboot.

The good news: It's totally possible to start 2018 more mindful than ever. So, take a cue from some of the healthiest, most-mindful people in the biz in order to do just that.

Below, 10 wellness pros share their go-to ways to recharge.

Walking dog to unplug.

Spend QT with a furry friend

Jules Hunt of the wellness blog Om & The City has a friend (with four legs!) that helps her with a digital detox. "I'm so grateful for my dog Luna, because she gets me up and out of the apartment several times a day!" she says. "When I take her for a walk, I leave my phone at home, so I can reset outdoors and be present with her."

Get outside in nature to unplug.
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Get outside

"My number one place to unplug is my Orient, New York home," says Barbara Close, founder of the clean beauty brand Naturopathica. "And when I need to escape, I run around the woods chasing squirrels with my Dachshunds."

Go to a yoga studio to unplug.
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Sweat it out

Sometimes the best place to unplug includes getting in a good sweat sesh. For example, when Fred Devito, EVP of Mind Body Classes and Training at Exhale Spa, needs to recharge, you can find him in "the yoga studio, swimming pool, sauna or steam room," he says.

Paint with family to unplug.
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Set a time to put down tech

Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas sets strict boundaries when it comes to unplugging. "I have a rule for myself that I always unplug after 5 p.m. and I'm never plugged in on weekends—I want to be present for my family. Also, I think it's healthy for my own mental wellness to not be in my zone continually," she says. "To unplug at home, I listen to music, paint, and play dolls with my daughter."

Visiting a museum to unplug.
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Enjoy an experience

"I like immersive experiences that envelope me," says Khajak Keledjian, founder of New York City meditation studio Inscape. "That can be nature or an innovative museum exhibit."

Jumping in the ocean to unplug.
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Jump in the ocean

An instant energy cleanser for Rose-Marie Swift, founder of RMS Beauty: "The ocean," she says. "Nothing pulls negativity out of the body more then a dip in the ocean."

Sedona, California as a place to unplug.
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Remember there's no place like home

A trip home can help you relax and soak in the good vibes, according to Sakara co-founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise. "Sedona, our hometown, has a very special energy that immediately helps us feel relaxed and in tune with something bigger than ourselves."

Walking in Colorado mountains to unplug.
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Find a new perspective (literally)

When Sara Vaccariello, owner of New York City's Avalon Acupuncture, needs a reset, she knows exactly where to go: "The mountains in Colorado," she says. 

Shopping at a farmer's market to unplug.
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Hit up happy places

"I like to get out of the city and go to Southampton, New York, where my husband and I love to get a coffee and go for beach walks in the off season," says Eliza Savage, a nutritionist at Middleberg Nutrition. "I hit my favorite farm stands for fresh produce (like Green Thumb Organic Market), sweat it out at Tracy Anderson or Exhale, cook delicious and locally-sourced meals, and relax."

Why not unplug while on vacay, too: Check out the city that's ideal for all things wellness. Prefer a stay-cation? Enjoy a night in that's totally tech-free.

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