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These Hydrating Soaps Will Keep Hands Clean *and* Moisturized During the Cold, Dry Months

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Now that cold-weather season is here (we know it may still be warm where you live—but winter is coming), the need to keep our skin moisturized is more important than ever. Washing our hands is a part of everyday life (and thanks to the pandemic, it's an even bigger part of our lives). However, all that scrubbing can really take a toll on your hands. If you haven't already noticed, using harsh soaps can leave hands dry and sometimes even chapped or cracked as the weather worsens.

While using soap to wash our hands is necessary to remove dirt and bacteria, it can really deplete the moisture from your skin's outer layer. According to UCLA Health, "the suds created by soap while washing hands" can tear down the skin's "natural barrier." This can lead to dryness and cause even more irritation for those with specific skin conditions.

"Soap is an alkaline substance that cuts oils and can eat away at the natural barrier of the skin if left on too long," dermatologist Shirley Chi, MD previously told Well+Good. "Leaving soap on your skin can cause your skin to develop dryness, and can trigger conditions such as eczema."

To avoid this, UCLA Health recommends using mild and fragrance-free soap, in addition to using a moisturizer on your skin immediately after you finish washing your hands. Additionally, be mindful of soaps that create a "thick lather" since this may also lead to dryness. For some of the best hydrating soaps to keep your skin moisturized this season, take a look at some of our top picks below.

The best hydrating hand soaps


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Eczema Honey Foaming Hand Soap — $9.00

Not only is this soap moisturizing, but it’s also a major win for sensitive skin, thanks to its lineup of non-irritating ingredients. It includes everything from aloe vera juice to colloidal oatmeal, which is a natural exfoliant to help soothe your skin and remove dead skin cells.

Safely 16 oz. Hand Soap in Rise — $6.00

Help wash away dirt and other impurities on your skin’s surface with this Safely hand soap that smells like a a floral surprise. Its formula includes a slew of coconut-based ingredients, minerals, and corn-derived alcohol to help naturally clean your hands.

Nature Clean — $6.00

Made with ingredients derived from plants and minerals, this soap helps nourish and moisturize your hands without causing irritation. Plus, it’s fragrance-free and biodegradable. Not to mention, it’s dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day 12.5 oz. Basil Liquid Hand Soap — $5.00

Give your rough hands a bit of the spa treatment with this bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soap. It really packs on the moisture, thanks to its combination of essentials oils, aloe vera gel and olive oil.

Simple Human Cucumber Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap — $8.00

The best part of this soap is that it’s sulfate-free, which means that it can help clean your hands without stripping away their moisture. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic and comes in re-sealable pouch that’s easy to use. With it, your hands will not only feel good, but they also can smell good thanks to the fresh cucumber scent.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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