Your Ideal Work-Meeting Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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While you might have a separate work persona, chances are, it's informed—at least in part—by your everyday personality. And if your job involves meeting with colleagues or your boss, one way your personality might show up at work is in how you express yourself or prefer to engage during those meetings; for instance, maybe you like to keep things short and sweet via Zoom, or perhaps you enjoy some chatty banter IRL. Since astrology can reveal key elements of our personalities, it's possible to gauge what the ideal work meeting might look like for every zodiac sign.

The different facets of your sun sign (aka the zodiac sign you'd read a horoscope for) color how you live your life in all realms, including at work. More specifically, your sign's element (Earth, air, water, or fire) speaks to your general temperament, while your sign's modality (cardinal, mutable, or fixed) reflects how you initiate and respond to action.

"Your sun sign is about your core essence and identity, so when you show up to work, there's always that essence of those core traits [in play]." —Celeste Brooks, astrologer

Put in a work context, these qualities can shape your approach to projects and tasks, as well as workplace communication. "Your sun sign is about your core essence and identity, so when you show up to work, there's always that essence of those core traits [in play]," says astrologer Celeste Brooks. As a result, the ideal work meeting style of a zodiac sign like Cancer—which is an emotions-driven water sign—might be something intimate and cozy, whereas that of fiery Sagittarius might be more dynamic, active, or performative.

While focusing on your sun sign's characteristics is certainly a good guide to the kind of work meeting style you'll gel with the most, Brooks also suggests considering your rising sign, which reflects how others perceive you. (To determine your rising sign, type your place, date, and time of birth into an online birth-chart generator.)

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Read on for both your sun and rising signs to get a full picture of your preferred work meeting style(s), and pick up star-sanctioned tips for how to thrive in any meeting.

Your ideal work meeting style, based on your zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

You don’t like wasting time, Aries. Your fiery, initiatory cardinal-sign energy means you’d rather get right down to business than mess around with small talk—so, your ideal meeting is short and to the point. “It’s like, 'Let’s just get in and get it done,'” says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Living By the Moon. Just be careful that your fervor for efficiency doesn’t come across as impatient or abrasive, she adds.


As a grounded Earth sign, you're generally methodical and thorough at work, Taurus. As a result, you can appreciate a meeting that involves examining long-term strategies and making multi-step plans that'll help you achieve those goals, according to Brooks. At the same time, your Earthy demeanor means you may do your best work outside. In turn, your ideal meeting location is a park, garden, or courtyard, so you can let nature inspire and calm you, says Gailing.


As the zodiac's resident social chair, your ideal work meeting likely involves chitchat and ice-breakers, Gemini. (Work happy hour, anyone?) This can help you foster strong bonds with your coworkers—but just make sure your own contributions don’t go on too long, so that others don’t feel like their time is being wasted. Stay the course, and watch out for tangents. “'Shiny object syndrome' can be your downfall,” says Brooks, of your tendency to get easily distracted.


You're all about nurturing and comforting, Cancer, and whenever possible, you like that vibe to extend to work meetings. Your ideal work meeting style is one where you feel safe and welcome to share your ideas and thoughts; just credit your status as a water sign for making you so in tune with your emotions. “Smaller groups can feel more cozy for you,” says Gailing. Physical comfort is key for you, too, so a meeting you can take from your own comfortable couch or a nice seat in an office will likely be preferable over one in a sterile conference room.


You're the zodiac's performer, Leo, so your ideal work-meeting setting is something "dynamic and fun that allows you to shine," says Brooks. You draw inspiration from your environment, so having a meeting in an engaging and exciting locale, like a bustling restaurant or coffee shop, can really bring out your creativity and confidence.


Precise and detail-oriented, you'll gel the most with a meeting where all the details are hammered out, Virgo. Efficiency is your preferred mode of action, so you can appreciate it when everyone arrives to a meeting prepared, and things stay on track, says Brooks. Above all, you want the chance "to bring order to chaos" in meetings and at work, in general, she adds.


Your status as an air sign means you crave stimulating conversation, Libra. So, any work meeting that places a premium on thoughtful dialogue will likely work well for you. As the sign of the scales, you also strive for balance, says Gailing, so meetings that feel more like debates—where all sides and opinions on an issue are considered and dissected—are likely preferable to you. (Anything that feels rushed or breezed-over, on the other hand, could leave you feeling uneasy.)


If you work from home, you likely prefer camera-off (or camera-optional) meetings, Scorpio. You value your privacy and like to maintain a clear separation between your work and your personal life. (Sometimes, however, this might come across as overly secretive, says Brooks, who advises letting people in a little bit, every once in a while.)

Regardless of your work locale, you also live to solve a mystery, so high-level strategy meetings that involve maneuvering around problems likely thrill you. “You want to dig, and explore, and find the secrets that are undercover,” says Gailing. “You want to be there for the meeting where something is going to get discovered and uprooted.”


As the biggest traveler of the zodiac, you crave adventure and interest in all realms of your life, Sagittarius. And that certainly includes work. In turn, you may really enjoy any meeting that gets you out of the office and doing something new—think: a company retreat or other bonding activity, like a company game of kickball.

In general, a meeting that involves outdoor time, movement, and a chance to tell a story is your ideal, as well as anything that allows you to show off your competitive spirit, says Brooks: “You love a challenge.”


Any meeting setup that allows you to show off how hard you work would be your ideal, Capricorn. As the workhorse of the cosmos, you put in the hours and effort to achieve, so having a chance to put your best foot forward and to be recognized for it is the ultimate satisfaction. “You'll probably feel even happier if someone in a position of power is there to watch you flex your skills, too,” says Gailing.

For lower-stakes meetings, your preferred mode is quick and to the point. In all likelihood, you’ve prepared ahead of time, so you’ll hit all the points on the agenda in no time.


As a community-oriented sign, you likely prefer a work meeting that’s egalitarian and casual, Aquarius. Picture a free-flowing brainstorming session where everyone is easily able to contribute their unique perspective. You're deeply curious about what everyone else has to say, and you want the time to synthesize all this information into a future-facing plan, says Gailing.


Chances are, you bring your creativity and originality to work with you, Pisces. So, a meeting that involves ideating on a blank canvas—whether that's a literal whiteboard or just an open-ended discussion topic—is your ideal. You want the space to let out all your thoughts and feelings, and then to consider how to turn loose doodles and quips into fully formed plans.

You may also prefer meetings that involve plenty of visuals, engaging graphics, or activities. “Using words alone may not speak to your heart, imagination, and sense of poetry,” says Gailing.

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