This Type of Honey Is the Sweetest ‘Liquid Gold’ for the Longest-Living People in the World

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In the food community, the phrase "liquid gold" is most commonly associated with healthy, hearty olive oil. But Ikarian honey is the sweetest "liquid gold" for longevity to include in your diet.

The Greek island of Ikaria, located 30 miles west of Turkey, is home to some of the longest living people in the world, many of whom reached 100 or older with few physical or cognitive impairments. Unsurprisingly, the Mediterranean diet is a staple for longevity of body and mind. But a sugary spoonful of locally-sourced honey is part of a healthy diet among Ikarians. Whether it's stirred into their morning tea or eaten directly by the tablespoon, Ikarians reportedly consume a bit of honey at least twice a day.

While it's certainly tempting to book a flight to Greece for some island-hopping, there's an easier, more affordable way to find Ikarian honey. Many retailers, like Etsy and Amazon, carry the longevity-loving nectar online, allowing you to buy it from anywhere in the world.

Where to buy Ikarian honey, the 'liquid gold' for longevity

Meli Ikarias Ikarian Honey — $48.00

This thyme honey is about as pure a they come, produced by bees living in a pristine landscape untouched by industrialization and collected by a local beekeeper.

Savodor Shop Ikarian Honey (Pack of 4) — $55.00

Sample multiple flavored Ikarian honeys shipped straight from Greece. Each pack includes four jars of raw honey in four flavors: thyme, pine, flower, and heather.

Klio Ikarian Honey — $27.00

Klio is a Greek-founded tea and honey company that makes “hand-picked, hand-packed, and unprocessed” products. It carries Ikarian honey, like this one, as well as single-origin honeys from other Greek locations, like Delphi, Sparta, and Mt. Olympus.

The sticky nectar is loaded with natural proteins and antibacterial enzymes to support gut health and promote healing. It's also loaded with antioxidants to boost immunity and reduce inflammation, and—thanks to its pollen content—can help with relief from allergies.

The longevity-supporting powers of Ikarian honey in particular remain a bit of a mystery. One theory is that, since there's no commercial farming on the Greek island, its more natural than processed honey. The pollen and nectar collected by the island's bees is "free of chemicals and pesticides normally found in commercial or private farming," according to a special report from CBS News. "And unlike most honey sold in the U.S., Ikarian honey is also unheated, unfiltered, and unpasteurized – all processes which can destroy the natural vitamins and minerals." And, if that coveted jar turns into crystallized honey, don't worry; you can easily warm it up to transform it back to its liquid gold state.

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