3 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into the Ultimate Recovery Spot

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Seasoned gym-goers know the most important spot in the building isn’t the weight or cardio room. It’s the mat area where the foam rollers are stashed (with the juice bar coming in at a close second). Why? Because any trainer will tell you that restoration is just as crucial as reps.

But when you’re doing an at-home workout or just feel the need to get in some extra stretches at the end of the long day, you can actually bring the recovery area home—to your bedroom.

Your sleep sanctuary can also be the perfect spot for post-workout regeneration.

And good news: That doesn't require a total home makeover. We tapped Homepolish designer (and Pilates obsessive) Chloe Chudina to talk about the easy swaps and design tips that will easily upgrade your bedroom into more than just your sleep sanctuary, but also a restorative space that’ll help you achieve the perfect post-workout regeneration. (And guess what? Those two things go hand-in-hand.)

Keep reading to see 3 simple ways you can allow your space to help take care of your body.

Make room to stretch

“Open space is important to provide a place for stretching before going to sleep,” Chudina says, noting that a daily down dog sesh is part of her routine. Just like you use a mat in the yoga studio, a high-quality rug provides extra comfort and support when you’re practicing your pre-sleep child’s pose. “A thick carpet pad will also make night-time stretching more comfortable and increases the life of your rug," Chudina says. 

And there’s a reason gym walls are covered with mirrors: It’s important to see your form and make improvements when needed. “That’s also why a large full-length mirror near the open space in your bedroom can help,” Chudina says.

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Yep, sleep is important

Your muscles—and your whole body—need sleep after a workout. “A comfortable, relaxing bedroom is key to achieving relaxed sleep,” Chudina says. “It’s important to start with the foundation of sleep, which is your mattress. And you want comfy, cool bedding that helps provide a more restful sleep, too.” To that end, opting for an extra soft, extra breathable linen duvet will do the trick.

Ikea under bed storage

Keep your space clutter-free and serene

Restoration isn't just about working out your tired muscles, it's also about creating a space that actually feels soothing. To that end, avoiding a mess and finding spots to store your post-sweat essentials is key. 

Under the bed is the perfect place for storing post-workout recovery tools,” Chudina says. Opt for a bed frame that allows for storage underneath with under-bed boxes that are easy to access, and toss in your mat or foam roller.

“It’s important to reduce clutter and keep your room simple,” Chudina says. “Less clutter means fewer places for dust to collect, which will help contribute to better indoor air quality.” Serenity, now.

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