Move Over, Air Purifiers: These IKEA Curtains Aim to Help You Breathe Easy in Your Home

Photo: Getty Images/Baona
You've already filled your apartment with detoxifying indoor plants and high-tech products to make sure you're breathing the cleanest air possible. But what if the only thing you needed to do was install a new set of curtains?

IKEA, king of affordable, modern furniture (hi, iconic Billy bookcase!), plans to offer a low-cost way to clean up your air, too. According to Fast Company, its latest innovation is Gunrid, a set of curtains that doesn't need filters or electricity to remove indoor pollutants. Instead, the fabric has been treated with a "mineral-based photocatalyst" that can even banish the most well-known carcinogens invading your space.

"The way it works is similar to the photosynthesis in nature. When the fabric comes in contact with light, it breaks down common indoor pollutants like odors and formaldehyde," said Mauricio Affonso, IKEA product developer, in a video about the release. "We wanted to create a simple, convenient, and affordable way to clean air that wouldn’t take up much space in people’s homes."

This is a BFD for your health. Indoor air can often be as polluted as outdoor air, and poor air quality can put you at risk of infection, lung cancer, and lung conditions like asthma, says the American Lung Association. Thus the innovative technology could help you make your home environment a healthier place to live.

Also exciting: Since Affonso says this new fabric technology can be applied to any textile, other items in your home—like your couch and bedspread—could one day be cleaning the air, too. Talk about double duty.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until at least next year to refurnish your home with IKEA's cool new curtains. Until then, another few snake plants won't hurt, right?

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