Ikea’s Newest Collection Wants to Turn Your Home Into a Wellness Sanctuary

Photo: Ikea

Ikea has a knack for solving problems you didn't know you had—like making bugs (a sustainable food option) sound delicious, upgrading the pet-friendliness of your apartment and, most recently, coming out with a home-decor line that will completely transform your living space into a den of Zen and wellness.

The new Hjärtelig limited-edition collection is full of furniture and miscellaneous knickknacks like jewelry cones and baskets, all made out of natural, sustainable materials like ethically sourced cotton, rattan, linen, cork, and solid pine. The items start at $4 and cap out at $529 and are available only in stores. "Hjärtelig is a range of furniture and home-furnishing accessories that’s designed to create a pleasant atmosphere for rest, relaxation, and gentle exercise," according to a press release from the Swedish furniture behemoth. "Special attention was given to the use of beautiful, natural materials that appeal to the senses and help us to feel grounded."

The collection is about "taking the time to refocus and to revitalize ourselves"—AKA the exact reason for practicing hygge—which is why it's full of things like yoga mats and accessories and meditation cushions. But since shopping at Ikea is an infamously difficult task (hint: hire a TaskRabbit to do the post-purchase heavy lifting), I've chosen some of the most transformative items from the collection for you to add to your shopping list.

Upgrade your healthy home with the 6 products below.

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