The Problem With Ordering Multiple Sizes, and Other Tangible Steps to Know About Shopping Sustainably

It's not new news that choosing sustainable fashion over fast fashion is a smart choice for the environment. But have you ever wondered what else you can do to lessen your shopping impact?

On the latest episode of Need to Know, actress and activist Sophia Bush sat down with writer Alden Wicker, and they shared actionable tips that make shopping sustainably a little more approachable.

But first, a reality check: "It's responsible for anywhere between five and eight percent of global carbon emissions," says Wicker of fashion's environmental effects. "It's also estimated to be responsible for four percent of global waste [...] Fashion has a huge effect on the climate as well. Most of our fashion is still made in countries that are still running completely on coal."

There is one simple step you can do right away, however. "Returns are so unsustainable," Wicker says. "Doing this thing that's called bracket shopping, where you're like 'oh I'll just buy a size up and size down, just in case,' a lot of times when you ship something back, it gets trashed."

Her advice? First do the research to find brands that are leading the charge in sustainable fashion. Then before ever adding-to-cart, make sure you're super familiar with what you like and what looks good on you (to avoid returns as much as possible). Overall it's about being thoughtful about every purchase you're making.

Speaking of actionable steps you can make to live more sustainably, fashion isn't the only area where that matters. When it comes to the car you drive, consider the new, zero-emissions Toyota Mirai, which besides delivering on style and luxuriousness, is also hydrogen-powered. Because making conscious choices every day is what will make a bigger difference in the long run.

Watch the video above to learn more about the importance of sustainable fashion.

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