Need To Know How You Can Best Nurture Yourself Right Now? Look to Your Astrological Nadir

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In astrology, your Midheaven (or Medium Coeli) refers to your life’s purpose—the bigger, bolder mission the stars have laid out for you. It’s a big deal angle, one that’s future forward and optimistic. But sometimes past wounds and present inner struggles need some mending, and that’s where your Nadir (or Imum Coeli) comes in. If you haven’t heard of it, you're not alone—it’s pretty underground.

...literally. The Imum Coeli aka IC roughly translates to the "bottom of the sky," a subterranean place on your astrological chart. According to Alexandria Lettman, resident astrologer for The SoulUnity, it sits at the bottom of our chart and represents many deep truths. The IC can relate to the foundation of our happiness, the roots of our being (as in our parents, ancestry, heritage, and lineage), our private lives, security and where we belong, early childhood experiences and the manifestations of these experiences, and our upbringing and home environment.

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If it makes it easier, think of something else the initials "IC" could stand for.

"The Nadir or IC can tell us a lot about how we're looking to be nurtured in order to cater to the needs of our inner child," says Lettman. "It's important to understand this angle, because it represents the most hidden areas of ourselves that we're the least aware of, but unconsciously affected by, sometimes even into adulthood. If our lives were a tree, this astrological angle would be our roots as this is where we form the basis of our personality and identity."

Cool, right? Now, since this is a more specific astrological facet (candidly, I couldn’t find it on my usual chart generator), it might help to use a Nadir specific calculator. And once you’ve figured it out, scroll down to learn how to give your inner child a much-needed hug.

Below, find out how your Imum Coeli can help you nurture your inner child

Aries IC

Someone with an Aries IC possesses a dominating presence, projecting strength and independence. This has made you ambitious, but always able to lean on others when you need support. The result? Quick emotional flare-ups.

"You are likely to be on the reactive side and feel as though you’ve had to nurture yourself during childhood," says Lettman. "The best way for you to nurture yourself now is to process and explore how you feel before reacting, and to allow others to nurture and take care of you."

Taurus IC

Strongly principled and grounded, Taurus ICs can be stubborn about doing things their way...even if it's to their detriment. Rely less on impulse shopping and more on your inner stillness.

"There’s an underlying importance in learning to treat and sustain yourself," says Lettman. "The best way for you to nurture yourself is to find a true sense of security and comfort without depending on material objects or external influences."

Gemini IC

True to Gemini's chatty nature, Gemini ICs have a ceaseless internal monologue and feelings of restlessness. A natural over-thinker, you're constantly over-exerting your mental capacities, taking that air sign energy and ending up with your head in the clouds.

"The best way to nurture yourself is to get centered in reality," Lettman says. "Having a carefree nature is beneficial so long as you don’t get too carried away in your thoughts or conversations."

Cancer IC

A Cancer IC comes with the tendency to wander in search of your home, craving comfort and safety. "You look for these feelings in people and places rather than within the self, which can create problems with attachment," Lettman says.

Work on regulating your changing emotions, recognizing your triggers, and developing supportive family ties. Yes, that means living with and loving them, but also: boundaries!

Leo IC

A Leo IC is all about maintaining a facade that doesn't reflect or align with your true inner workings. You might also have a hard time straying from your pack.

"The best way that you can nurture yourself is by establishing your own identity away from your family, without completely straying from your roots," Lettman says. "Let go of your self-doubt so that you can explore your creativity."

Virgo IC

According to Lettman, a Virgo IC can reflect an overly self-critical and analytical nature stemming from childhood, and likely a perpetual need for self-optimization. Your task in nurturing yourself is simply to release the pressure to be perfect and detail-oriented. I mean, keep those good qualities where they're needed, but know when they're just going to overwork you.

"Bringing a sense of order and control to your private life may help to balance out the chaos of the external world, but doing this compulsively will only create more stress," Lettman says.

Libra IC

Libra IC desires happiness, harmony, and comfort in a home that you can build alongside others or with a partner. "You likely have a highly social family or parent, and often carry the responsibility of bringing people together," says Lettman.

But don't just let any idiot into your happy home. The best way for you to nurture yourself is by setting higher standards and values—ones that will bring peace and allow you to attract more fulfilling relationships.

Scorpio IC

Scorpio IC has a deeply loyal, dedicated nature coupled with a unique sense of confidence. "It's likely that you observed clear power dynamics or evidence of secrecy within the home or during your childhood," says Lettman. "You have a strong, independent streak about you, and are highly aware of your personal power."

No need to always be so intense, though. To nurture yourself, Lettman recommends you practice grounding, releasing, and living in the present moment on all levels—physical, mental, and emotional.

Sagittarius IC

For a Sagittarius IC, bring an awareness to any unconscious judgements that you make towards others. You might be frustrated by the limited beliefs of other people, and that frustration can hold you in a negative headspace.

"This indicates a strong need to renew yourself and to find your own truth that is separate from what you were raised to believe," says Lettman. "You're a big dreamer, are naturally ambitious, and curious about life and your potential."

Capricorn IC

Having a Capricorn IC reflects a need to stand on solid foundation before you try to do anything else. "You're on a search for a sense of value and stability wherever you go, and you likely feel obliged to take responsibility for others, particularly your loved ones," Lettman says.

Your best method of self-nurturing is to avoid repressing your emotions, especially if you're trying to make others feel comfortable. Trying to prevent instability at all times means not honoring your truth, and you need room for both.

Aquarius IC

"[Aquarius IC ] indicates a comfortability in operating on surface rather than soul level, and a strong belief that you have to make it through life on your own," says Lettman. "It's likely that you felt as though you were unable to relate to others in your home environment or childhood."

Your thought-flip involves celebrating, not diminishing or resenting, your individuality. Find little moments to honor and express your uniqueness without any fear of judgement.

Pisces IC

Finally, a Pisces IC reflects profound emotional nature and a tendency to get carried away with giving. This could result in dreaming a little too big.

"It’s likely that you have strong escapist or idealistic tendencies, and struggle to take your own advice when it comes to well-being," Lettman says. "The best ways for you to nurture yourself are to prioritize your growth, set realistic expectations, and not be so hard on yourself."


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