Too Hot To Get Your Run or Walk In? Here Are 7 Cardio Workouts You Can Do Inside

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From coast to coast, record high temps are sweeping the country this summer. Heat waves are posing serious health risks to many, and are a consequence of climate change, taking normally warm summer temperatures to unprecedented, sustained scorching heights.

Against this apocalyptic backdrop, being stuck inside with air conditioning doesn’t seem like such a terrible fate. But it can also be a frustrating, groggy, stale experience for people who rely on going outside to get in their daily movement with a walk, run, or other outdoor activity.

Unfortunately, exercising outside in temperatures above 90 degrees is not typically a great idea, so you might want to explore some indoor workout options. But if you don't have access to a gym or a personal cardio machine, getting in the recommended 75 to 150 minutes of heart-pumping aerobic activity each week can be challenging. One solution? Turn your living room into a temporary fitness studio with some home cardio workout videos.

Getting off the couch and onto the mat can be especially helpful if the state of our globally warmed world is getting to you emotionally: There is no better balm for your mood than exercise. Individuals can make a difference in the fight against climate change, but we need to have the mental fortitude to do it. That means making time for yourself and prioritizing your health.

Hopefully, we can help. Here are some (mostly) bite-sized home cardio workout videos that let you amp up your heart rate, and maybe even have some fun—without having to leave the safety of your climate-controlled home. From dumbbells to dance, hopefully one of these options will get you excited about getting moving. Remember to hydrate, and stay safe and strong out there, folks.

7 home cardio workout videos for when it’s too hot to exercise outside

1. 15-minute cardio and strength dumbbells

Grab a pair of light-to-medium dumbbells for a full-body workout to juice your muscles, heart, and lungs. While we often associate cardio with bodyweight exercises, did you know that combining strength and cardio is a way to get more out of both types of work?

2. 15-minute high impact cardio

Jumping jacks, jump squats, split squats, oh my. This short cardio workout packs a punch with plyometrics to get your heart pumping.

3. 25-minute low impact cardio

That said, you don’t need to jump around to get your heart rate up. Here is a workout video featuring more joint-friendly moves still designed to induce some heavy breathing.

4. 15-minute cardio Pilates

Tiny movements done on repeat don’t always scream cardio. But integrating extended pulses and short bursts of high-intensity activity takes Pilates to a whole new heart-healthy level.

5. 15-minute cardio step aerobics

Make like you’re living in the ‘80s and grab a platform to practice some step aerobics. Easy-to-follow choreography will engage your leg muscles and get you moving.

6. 10-minute cardio dance

Challenge your body and mind with a dance class that will teach you some basic moves and combinations while getting into the rhythm and tapping into some joy.

7. 15-minute cardio boxing

Frustrated with being stuck inside? Let it out with jabs and kicks in this beginner-friendly boxing workout.

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