12 Creative Instagrams to Inspire Your Own Cool Kitchen Herb Garden

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Yes, a well-placed and on-trend plant can certainly boost your Instagram presence, but greenery also contributes to your general wellness: Plants improve air quality and bring mood-boosting properties to your home (and your office), after all. So why not take things a step further and grows herbs in your kitchen?

By growing a herb garden, you'll be able to easily add a sprig of this and a sprinkling of that to the healthy dish you're whipping up. Your herb supply is multi-purpose, too. Add bits to cocktails, and, if you can grow super herbs, you can stock your medicine cabinet with them as well.

Thanks to the ingenuity and genius design hacks of internet users, this addition to your kitchen won't necessarily remind you of your grandmother's house (just me?). Plus, putting one together isn't hard. There are many kits available online, like this option that comes complete with nine different plants and reusable pots. To get inspired, here are the prettiest herb gardens I found.

Get some Instagram herb garden inspiration below

1. Labeled pots

Putting your herbs in labeled pots doesn't just look cute—it also ensures you keep track of which plant is which.

2. Wall planters

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These shelf-like planters are the perfect way to display your herb collection. Plus, because they're long and deep, you can up the amount of plants you're growing.

3. Tin cans

Upcycle your cans by using them as herb planters. When combined with cute labels made from wine corks, you'll have a rustic addition to your space.

4. Hanging herb garden

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By taking your herb garden to a wall, you'll be able to add more to your collection without taking up precious windowsill space.

5. Herb fence

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This is one project you won't be on the fence about. (Sorry, had to.) You can easily repurpose an old fence panel by using it to display herb planters.

6. Herb wall

There are so many cute planters that are specifically made to display on walls. WallyGro, for instance, has options in numerous colors, from teracotta to stone.

7. Wood panel


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Believe it or not, the wood panel for this herb garden was upcycled from a lounge chair. Use whatever you have on hand to display your herbs, too.

8. Herb vases


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Display your herbs like you would vases on your kitchen counter or table. It adds a pop of greenery to your space, and it's easy to pick what you need whenever you need it.

9. Jar herb garden


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Instead of getting rid of your empty jars, use them as planters for your herb garden. Better yet if you choose different sizes and heights.

10. Open shelves


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Instead of using the open shelves in your kitchen for plates and glasses, use them to display your growing herb garden.

11. Kokedama herb garden


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Kokedama—a Japanese style of gardening that involves growing plants in balls of soil covered with moss—can be a fun and unique way to display your herbs. Every time you have guests over, it will be the first thing they notice.

12. herb cabinet


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If you have a shorter cabinet, shelf, or cart, it can be the perfect place to store your herbs. Extra bonus: You can keep your gardening supplies in the space underneath.

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