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7 Indoor Plant Shelves for Sprucing Up Your Space

Mary Grace Garis

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Many of us have become very intimate with greenery during the pandemic. In fact, Well+Good noted in our 2021 wellness trends report that the market research firm Technavio projects the flower and ornamental plant market to increase nearly $29 billion between 2020 and 2024. It's not so shocking how this embrace of plant life came to be, either. After all, when life's in lockdown, you might finally be able to find time to water your snake plant. And that's a good thing! Since plants can give you a mental health boost, you might as well stock up on your ferns, your begonias, your lavender. The only potential problem? Space. But not to worry; if your indoor garden feels crowded, look no further than indoor plant shelves.

In addition to keeping your botanicals organized, indoor plant shelves can add an aesthetic touch to any blank space in the room. As you shop, though, experts suggest you keep a few details in mind—especially if you're tending to active blooms. "Most plants need water on a weekly basis, so don't put your shelf up too high, where it will be difficult to reach it regularly," says Erin Marino, director of brand marketing at The Sill. "And speaking of water—wet potting mix can weigh a lot. Make sure you properly hang your shelf and are aware of the max weight it can hold."

Oh, and try to keep mischievous pets in mind when you're setting up indoor plant shelves. "If your cat tends to push things off current shelves or tables, you might want to opt for a shelf that has a lip to avoid potted plants plummeting to the ground," Marino says.

Otherwise? Get shopping. Below find seven creative solutions for indoor plant shelves to help you bring the benefits of green living indoors.

7 indoor plant shelves to add some personality to your home garden

1. Bamboo 6 Tier 7 Potted Plant Stand, $40

This tall-and-proud bamboo stand allows you to layer plants in sort of a zig-zag pattern. Mix up different mid-sized potted shrubs for an eclectic look.

Shop Now: Bamboo 6 Tier 7 Potted Plant Stand, $40

2. Foldable Ladder Bookshelf Rack 4 Tier Vintage Plant Stand Display Shelf, $60

The deconstructed rustic look of this ladder shelf is very farm chic. Save the bottom rung for something viridian and sprawling, and the top for a melange of florals or shrubs.

Shop Now: Foldable Ladder Bookshelf Rack 4 Tier Vintage Plant Stand Display Shelf, $60

3. Gold Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Shelf, $78

This statement setup is great for those who hate gardening but who may want some succulents to brighten up their home office. Perfect for small succulents or other greens that won't croak if you don't water them for a week (or a month, if we're being honest).

Shop Now: Gold Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Shelf, $78

3. Window Plant Shelf, starts at $74

If your plants require regular sunshine, consider this acrylic hanging shelf specifically designed to align with your window. Winter wilting will be a thing of the past.

Show: Window Plant Shelf, starts at $74

No sunshine from your windows? No worries. See the video below for low-light plant winners:

4. TRIO POTTED Two Tone Shelf | Hanging Shelf, $85

You can always use a classic hanging shelf, but the detail is what makes this pick add-to-cart-worthy. It features holsters for small potted shrubs, and a charming two-tone accent on each level. It's also neutral enough to work in most households.

Shop Now: TRIO POTTED Two Tone Shelf | Hanging Shelf, $85

5. Aria Shelf Lamp, $90

This indoor plant shelf sneakily solves two decor problems at once: It's a standing rack for small floorspaces, and it can banish low lighting. Those poles have an LED lighting capability, so you get a storage unit and lamp in all in one.

Shop Now: Aria Shelf Lamp, $90

6. Hanging Shelves, set of two, starts at $23

This style-forward option is great for plant parents who love a pocket bonsai or a micro orchid. They arrive in pairs, so if you want both a pocket bonsai and a micro orchid, you're in luck.

Shop Now: Hanging Shelves, Set of two, starts at $23

7. Triple Family Garden, $949

This is a serious-business indoor plant shelf that's more of a sophisticated greenhouse apparatus than anything else. But the product from Rise Gardens, which was one editor's best home addition of 2020, only requires you to maintain your plants for a week or two. It's self-watering with grow lights, and allows you to track your plants individual growth on an app. Bonus: Think of what you'll save on groceries!

Shop Now: Triple Family Garden, $949

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