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8 Infused Water Recipes for When Plain H20 Just Won’t Cut It

Emily Laurence

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Photo: Live Eat Learn
The first rule of wellness: Hydration, hydration, hydration. Basically every healthy influencer swears by downing a glass of water first thing in the a.m. (with a nice slice of lemon, of course), dietitians preach about its importance in aiding digestion, and beauty experts swear it’s the key to having dewy, glow-y skin.

But here’s the thing: Not everyone loves the taste of plain water, making drinking enough a bit of a struggle. And it probably means you’re more likely to reach for juice, soda, or kombucha than H20—making your hydration habit come with a sizable side of sugar. Womp, womp.

But there’s no need to just be sad and basic with your water in the quest of good health. You can infuse your water with fruit, herbs, and spices to add flavor without any added sugars—so it’s really the best of both worlds. And a word to the wise: Infused waters are also clutch during holiday season when you’re trying to hydrate after a long night of nog and mulled wine. What’s not to love?

Here are 8 infused water recipes to try—enough to keep things interesting.

strawberry infused water
Photo: Simple Vegan Blog

1. Strawberry-orange mint water

This combo of citrus and mint from Simple Vegan Blog creators Alberto Aragon and Iosune Robles is basically the definition of refreshing. Since winter isn’t exactly peak strawberry season, buy a bag of frozen ones, slice, and add a few after they de-thaw.

strawberry chia rosewater
Photo: The First Mess

2. Strawberry rosewater chia fresca

The First Mess creator Laura Right loves a good chia-infused water—but she adds a floral twist with one teaspoon of rosewater. The mix of fruit and floral gives it the perfect amount of sweetness—you won’t even be tempted to add sugar.

pomegranate infused water
Photo: Live Eat Learn

3. Pomegranate mint water

Give your glass a holiday twist with just two ingredients: pomegranate and mint. (And optional honey, although that’s technically an added sugar!) Not only are you getting a nice boost of antioxidants and vitamin C, but the mint also helps with digestion, making this infusion a good one to sip on after you eat. (And if you’re wondering how the heck you cut a pomegranate, here’s how.)

veggie infused water
Photo: Oh So Delicioso

4. Veggie water

Of course fruit isn’t your only infusion option; adding veggies can be just as refreshing. Oh So Delicioso blogger Desarae Fowler likes making a big water dispenser, adding in celery, cucumber, parsley, lime, and mint, and refilling her glass all day. Talk about spa water vibes!

rosemary infused water
Photo: Delightful E Made

5. Rosemary citrus water

Sure, adding a few sprigs of rosemary to things like pizza and roast chicken is normal, but trust: It taste great in water, too. Delightful E Made blogger Erin Indahl-Fink balances out the flavor with a few slices of lemon, adding a layer of brightness to the taste.

cucumber mint water
Photo: Five Heart Home

6. Cucumber mint water

Cucumber mint is the little black dress of water infusions—a classic. It has only two ingredients (besides, you know, the water and optional lime), but it elevates the taste so much that you’ll likely drink more than you would otherwise. Pretty great hydration hack, right?

lavender mint water
Photo: Life’s Little Sweets

7. Lavender mint water

Notice a theme here? Mint pairs well with virtually anything—and that includes lavender. This is a great infusion to sip on when you want to experience a bit of calm, like if you’re stressed out at work or there’s a lot going on at home. Sip, swallow, and breathe.

cherry infused water
Photo: Green Smoothie Gourmet

8. Lemon orange cherry bergamot mint water

This infusion is both calming *and* energizing due to the mix of bright citrus and grounding cherries, which is linked to promoting sleep and relaxation. And it also has—you guessed it—mint.

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