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Show Ingrown Hairs Who’s Boss With These Inexpensive Treatments That Nix All Irritation

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Whether you prefer to wax, shave or pluck, hair removal isn't always a smooth process. Sometimes you get some irritation and redness, and other times you wake up to an ingrown hair or two along your bikini line. While neither are comfortable, ingrown hairs can last a lot longer than the grimacing pain from your Brazilian wax and are a nuance to deal with.

This is mainly because of how they develop. An ingrown hair occurs when a strand of hair grows back into the skin instead of escaping through your pore. This can lead to inflammation, itchiness and, in worse case scenarios, a puss-filled bump on your skin's surface. Normally, ingrown hairs occur as a result of shaving, tweezing, or waxing, but they also can form when too many dead skin cells and other impurities clog up your hair follicles.

That being said, one way to help prevent ingrown hairs is through exfoliating your skin. Not only does this help remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other gunk that could block your hair from exiting your skin, but it also allows for you to have a more seamless and close-cut shave. No matter if you're constantly getting razor bumps or pesky ingrown hairs, here are some of the best solutions to help calm your skin and reduce irritation.


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Rejuvi Rejuville Solution for Ingrown Hair
Rejuvi Rejuville Solution for Ingrown Hair — $43.00

If you’re struggling with razor bumps along your bikini line or a pesky ingrown hair, you may want to add this Rejuvi Rejuville to your beauty arsenal. It’s a type of cream that you leave on for hours and apply to your skin after cleansing it. It contains both salicylic acid (a type a chemical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells) and resorcinol to help soften the skin.

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatmen
Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment — $34.00

If you’re looking for a way to powerfully cleanse, this Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment doesn’t really play around. It features three different exfoliants including glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and phytic acids. Together these compounds work together to fight bacteria and irritation and keep inflammation to a minimum. Just apply some before shaving and right before you head off to bed.


MALIN & GOETZ ingrown hair cream 2
Malin & Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream — $34.00

As part of your post-shaving and waxing ritual, this Malin & Goetz will definitely come in handy. Put some on your skin to help reduce irritation. It contains allantoin (a moisturizing compound that’s commonly used in healing wounds) and chamomile, which helps to soothe the skin. Additionally, you can use it exfoliate thanks to glycolic and salicylic acids present in the formula.


Fur Skincare Ingrown Concentrate 2
Fur Skincare Ingrown Concentrate — $28.00

This treatment is a two-part process. First, take the mitt and use it to help clean your skin and remove dead skin cells on the target area while you’re in the shower. After you wash up, take a few drops of the dermatologist-tested Ingrown Concentrate solution and apply it on your ingrown hair, bumps, razor burn or other irritated skin to help reduce redness.

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