8 Instagram Accounts That Want to Give Your Zen Den a Jungle Makeover

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The best news of 2017 so far (aside from cheaper avocados) is that you no longer need a green thumb to live in what's essentially a greenhouse. Houseplants are the thing if you want to both take care of a living being and have the dopest interior shots on Instagram.

It's also worth mentioning that plants, for all their photogenic qualities, have air-purifying powers and mood-boosting capabilities, and having them around lets you be close to nature even while inside your own Zen den.

For houseplant inspo, look no further than your Instagram feed for an endless stream of #greenspo so you can dream about succulents, succulent cakes (!!!), and shower plants to your heart's content.

Use the following plant-forward accounts as your mood boards and your online plant whisperers—you'll get ideas for decorating with plants and how to keep them from dying so you can keep your place lush and full of life.

Start your plant journey by following the 8 IG handles below.

We took a tour of Summer Rayne Oakes' apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last year—and declared it the definition of #gardengoals. And on @homesteadbrooklyn, the model-slash-plant lady (and author of SugarDetoxMe: 100+ Recipes to Curb Cravings and Take Back Your Health) keeps the inspo coming daily.

With locations across Japan and most recently New York City, @greenfingersmarket is inspiration you can actually shop. It lets you buy—not just double tap—the greenery in its posts.

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If your life is a revolving schedule of eat, sleep, and decorate with succulents, @succulentcity is the account you have to follow.

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Hilton Carter makes a pretty strong argument for Kondo-ing your life so that you can fill it back up with every single plant on the planet. You need it for the air filtration!

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Tiny apartments don't have to be devoid of green! The @studioplants feed is all about giving house plants a home with whatever space you can offer.

The wildness of a plant makes so much sense in a bohemian space. Follow @labohemehouseofthewishingtrees so you can see how trailing vines and fanning leaves can turn up the boho vibes.

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It's always amazing to witness the work of a true green thumb, and @homebyfousna will amaze you daily with his lustrous, healthy plant babies.

If your dream apartment is equal parts high ceilings, natural light, and hanging plants, then follow @jamies_jungle, a proud plant hoarder. Fair warning: His account will convince you to buy stools just for your plants.

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