Here’s What You Can Learn From the Healthiest Dogs on Instagram

There’s no doubt that Instagram dogs are the connoisseurs of cuteness. But while you’re double-tapping their pics, have you ever thought about what you can learn about wellness from these pups (and their owners)?

That might sound odd, but think about it: Dogs are literally experts on living intuitively—and how often has an answer to one of your wellness questions been "listen to your body"? Dogs eat until they're full, sleep when tired, and their always-happy attitudes prove how beneficial that lifestyle is for their well-being.

To learn how to take a page out of their books, we spoke with the humans behind dog-fluencers Basil and Mozzarella, Copper and Lily, and Lucy for a rundown on the pups’ wellness routines. From the self-care activities they take part in to the healthy-living habits they pass onto their owners, you might be surprised at all you can learn from some of the most-liked pups on the 'gram—starting with their snacks of choice.

"Just as I choose to buy fresh, local, and organic produce for myself, I try to do the same for my dogs," Basil and Ella's owner Jami Pressman says. "We feed with Instinct Raw because it’s real, simple ingredients—meat, vegetables, and fruit—and on an even more positive note, Basil and Ella love it." Tips on eating healthy plus unlimited snuggles? As if you needed another reason to want to get a dog.

Keep scrolling for the 3 healthy-living tips you can borrow from each of these adorable Instagram dogs.

Don't sleep...on sleep

An important thing to remember about wellness is that sometimes it's okay to do absolutely nothing. And who better to share that advice than lounge-loving pups Copper and Lily? When asked what their favorite self-care practice to take part in is, owner Jenny DeZubay definitively said sleep—and lots of it.

The key is to prioritize a full night's rest (meaning around eight hours for us humans), and if you do end up needing a nap on the weekends instead of tackling that DIY project, so be it. Dogs tune into their bodies, and you should try to do the same.

Fuel up with high-quality food

Lucy isn't exactly training for her next marathon, but she relies on proper nutrition to fuel her backyard play time. "Lucy is part of our family," owner Alexandra Haines says. "Just like we make decisions in our home to eat healthy and high-quality, we make the same strides for Lucy, too."

To give Lucy energy for her active lifestyle, Haines feeds her Instinct®️ Raw frozen recipes, which use real ingredients (like cage-free chicken and grass-fed lamb) that are never cooked so the nutrients stay intact.

"Lucy loves Instinct," Haines says. "So much so, that if she were playing with a toy or eating a bone, she would drop everything and run to her food bowl if she heard the familiar sound of opening the freezer drawer and pulling out the bag of Instinct Raw." Mental note: Start prepping high-quality meals that make you sprint to the kitchen with that much excitement.

Do what you love

Rolling through your to-do list every day is something to celebrate, but what Mozzarella (Ella for short), the internet-breaking cutie on the right, wants you to know is that you should also remember to add "do something fun" to that impressive list.

"While Basil is a bit on the lazy side, Ella is the type of dog who needs a job," Pressman says. "We could go play fetch for an hour, but once she catches her breath, she’s ready for the next thing. This has [...] reminded me that even though we may be tired after we finish our 9-5 job, we should always find time to do the things that really move our mind and soul." Take some notes from Ella and schedule time for that post-work yoga flow or book club if that's what you love doing—you'll be happier for it.

Who would've known that the best wellness advice could come from healthy Instagram dogs—but tbh, these pups have their zzz's, nutrition, and happiness on lock. So now's your chance to use this as ammo for talking your SO or roommate into bringing a new family member into the mix. It's for your health, after all.

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Top photo: Getty Images/Stephen Zeigler

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