4 Tips for Staying Focused and Bringing Wellness Into Your Workspace

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Welcome to Next Gen of Wellness, our spotlight of the nine up-and-coming icons you need to know about *right now*. We’ve partnered with Quest Nutrition—the go-to protein-filled snack that fuels busy women everywhere—to highlight all of their mindfulness tips, nutrition advice, and routine-simplifying hacks. 

When it comes to getting stuff done, Remi Ishizuka—full-time fitness blogger, health coach, and Instagram extraordinaire (ahem, with almost 200,000 followers)—knows a bit about making the most of a workday.

"The more thought I put into my space, the more calm and collected I feel," says the wellness pro. That includes keeping a time-stamped water bottle (as a built-in reminder to stay hydrated) and a Cookies & Cream Quest Bar (for a low-sugar, high-protein snack) on hand, 24/7.

"The more thought I put into my space, the more calm and collected I feel."

On top of prioritizing your wellness habits (like eating breakfast and making time to move every day), Ishikuza recommends a few hacks to reach total boss status. Find out how bullet journaling, a real-talk motivational sign, and a trip to Copenhagen (AKA the happiness capitol of the world) inspired Ishikuza's productivity game—and can help you do the same.

Watch the video above to snag Ishizuka’s tips for creating the super calm, productivity-boosting work space of your dreams.

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