5 Tips for Staying Authentic on Social Media, According to Om and the City’s Jules Hunt

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Wellness blogger and yoga instructor Jules Hunt of Om and the City inspires a community of over 23,000 followers with her gorgeous yoga picscolorful healthy lunches, and—most importantly—her be-unapologetically-you message. But if you had told her in high school or college that so many people would look up to her, she probably wouldn't have believed you.

As she tells it, Hunt's wellness journey only began after battling depression and body dysmorphia for years. "I struggled with self-love," she writes on her website. But then she took a yoga class—and then she took a few (hundred) more—and Om and the City was born. The challenge now, she says, is continuing to create content that reflects who she authentically is as a person.

"It's important not to lose sight of what social media is really all about—and that is, sharing and connecting with people."

"In the age of filters, curated feeds, algorithms, hashtags, prime posting times, and so on, it's important not to lose sight of what social media is really all about—and that is, sharing and connecting with people," Hunt says. "I’ve made so many new friends online and in real life that I never would have known had it not been for Instagram."

But how, exactly, does she stay so grounded? By sharing it all: the good, the bad, and the vulnerable, Hunt says. "From writing thoughtful captions to sharing silly Insta Stories in my PJs, it all comes from the heart and correlates with what’s currently on my mind."

Keep reading for Jules Hunt's top tips for keeping it real online, in her own words.

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1. Only share content you're excited about

It’s your channel: You call the shots. There’s no need to scramble and post a photo you aren’t crazy about just because you feel like you have to get something up right now. If you can’t find the right words for a caption or want more time scrolling through your options (there's a reason you took so many pics!), hold off. Think on it, sleep on it, and share when you're ready.

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2. Don't post in the moment

Capture the moment, then put your phone away. That allows you to be fully be present and experience what’s going on around you—you can post later when you're back at home and want to relive the experience. Life is too short to be living behind a screen 24/7.

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3. Don't be afraid to share the ridiculously gorgeous selfie and the ridiculously hilarious blooper

There is absolutely no shame in posting beautiful, glamorous photos of yourself—own it. But it’s also fun to throw in one from the blooper reel to share another side with your followers. You know, the photos that have you asking, How did my face even do that? Or the snaps that caught you in the midst of a full-bellied laugh with a mouth full of french fries. Share the raw, real, and beautiful you.

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4. Meet up with Insta-friends in your city!

There are a multitude of different Instagram communities that hold meetups in different cities. Whether you’re part of the fitness, foodie, fashion, or wellness community, see if any of your Insta-friends are hosting or joining in on events near you. Turn those followers into IRL friendships.

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5. Know when it's time to turn off and be present

Everything in moderation. As a general rule, try not to use your phone right when you wake up and right before you go to sleep. It’s important to give your mind time to decompress.

Tune in to our Instagram Stories on Sunday when Jules takes over to show us a day in her life.

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