Instagram’s Top 2017 Hashtags Are Super Healthy

Photo: Stocksy/Bonnin Studio
This year has felt like an exceptional one for self-carepersonal growth, and acceptance (despite a trying political climate and a near-constant stream of not-so-great news). And although these intangible feelings can be tough to quantify, since Instagram's just-released 2017 Year in Review Report shows that the top 10 hashtags of the year include #nature, #happy, and other wellness-related words, it's safe to conclude that a healthy lifestyle is super popular.

The top hashtag of 2017 is #love, for the fifth year in a row, which isn't so surprising. Humans are always trying to connect—even if just by a nod—and there's no better way to accomplish this than by loving something (IRL or by double-tapping for an Insta heart). How else can you explain the undying fascination regarding what makes your dating profile work…or not?

The second-most popular hashtag is #fashion, although, TBH, I would have guessed #athleisure to take the spot, considering how that sector has infiltrated the industry between Paris Fashion Week and brick-and-mortar collections. Fifth is #art, which makes sense considering this year brought creative masterpieces in oatmeal and smoothie bowls alike. Coming in at number seven is #travel, a no-brainer, with photos of Airbnbs and anything in Australia practically defining pinnacle of "Instagram bait."

After travel comes #happy and ninth is #nature, which might have something to do with Instagram's unofficial role as a one-stop shop for plant and Zen-den inspiration.

Who knows? Maybe in 2018, we'll see enough some crystal-laden eye candy to put #woowoowellness in the top 10.

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