Now Is the *Best* Time to Give Your Kitchen a Total Instant Pot Makeover

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Anyone who majorly regretted not jumping on the opportunity to score a discounted Instant Pot on Prime Day has a second chance to redecorate their healthy kitchen at a great price. The multi-cooker is currently on sale—for the lowest it's been in months—on Amazon once again and Instant Pot also just added a new, ah-mazing product to its offerings: a blender.

While the popular six-quart version of the multi-cooker typically costs $100, right now you can score it at 20 percent off for $80—AKA the exact same price as the three-quart option that's half its size. And the timing couldn't be better. With fall officially here, the sale serves as the perfect excuse to start cooking your favorite recipes for the ultimate cozy-food season. Plus, because this machine can do everything from sauté and steam your ingredients to slow-cook like a boss, your meal options are basically endless.

While the popular six-quart version typically costs $100, right now you can score it for $80.

The company is also getting into the blender biz with the launch of its first product in the category: The Instant Pot Ace Blender, which is currently available at Walmart for $99. And the new product even has luxe, Vitamix-esque features, but for a fraction of the cost—seriously, like hundreds and hundreds less. Besides being able to blend (duh), Eater reports the model also purées, pulses, and—most notably—even heats up your food, making it just as easy to create oat milk lattes as it is to whip up a hearty veggie soup.

Basically, you don't need to wait for a wedding registry or a huge raise to give your kitchen a serious upgrade. Just don't miss the opportunity because something tells me the sale won't last forever, and the blender is at high risk of going on back order. #justsayin.

Try these recipes to feed your Instant Pot obsession. Or check out the features that will make meal-prepping easier and fancier.

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