Think You’ve Mastered the Burpee? Get Back to Me After You Flip It and Reverse It

Photo: Getty Images/Sumners Graphics Inc
Yeah, yeah... I know. Burpees are loathsome. But if you're up for a challenge, you're not going to find anything better than the inverted burpee. Traditional burpees involve hopping into plank position, doing a pushup, hopping back to your starting point, and jumping into the air with a clap. But the inverted burpee turns it all on its head. You roll backward then smoothly kick into a handstand against the wall as you come back up. It's not just mesmerizing to watch—it also makes burpees much more fun to do.

Whether you're sick of classic burpees, want to give your workout an intense upgrade, or simply have the urge to practice your acrobatic skills, inverted burpees are a great place to start.

How to do an inverted burpee in four simple steps

1. Keeping your feet together, roll backward until your shoulders touch the floor, and then use your hands to propel yourself forward again.

2. Use your momentum to roll yourself back up to your feet.

3. Plant your hands a few inches from the wall and kick up into a handstand. (If you're a handstand pro, you can choose to ditch the wall.)

4. Bring your feet back down to the floor and repeat.

If you're not totally comfortable with a handstand, just kick your feet up a little, then come back down. You can also replace the handstand portion with a plank.

If you're still learning the basics, start with beginner burpees. Or try this Tabata workout that's basically the equivalent of doing 100 burpees.

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