This $5 Hack Can Make Your Iphone Habit Healthier

Photo: Well+Good

Our relationships with our phones are...complicated. On the one hand, smartphones have made it super easy to meditate, get a boutique class workout at home, or even Uber a personal trainer. But the downsides are major, starting with straight-up addiction—and your digital BFF can also have a negative effect on your eyesight and sleep patterns.

But you can cross one swipe-and-tap malady off of your cellphone stress list: that inadvertent—yet strenuous—pinky workout you get from holding your phone. There's now a $5 hack to ease your (repetitive stress injury) pain.

"It does take a few days to get used to it, but it eventually feels weird not to use it."

If you have an iPhone and any free time, you know the position we're talking about—three fingers supporting the back of the phone, thumb touching the phone and the pinky holding the whole operation upright. Solution: the iPhone ring holder.

Attach them to the back of your phone, and that's it. Seriously, they're also chic and undetectable and double as iPhone stands.

"The trick is to place it a little lower than the center of the back of the phone (sort of over the word iPhone) so that your hand still feels natural when your finger is through it. It does take a few days to get used to it, but it eventually feels weird not to use it," says fashion designer Daniella Kallmeyer, who picked up the idea from Japanese buyers she works with, who are crazy about the pinky-protecting gadget.

And they come in basically every shape, color and size: rose gold, cats, Mickey Mouse ears—you know, just the basics. On average they cost between $2 and $5 but if you're feeling extra there are some options in the double digits.

"I work all day with my hands—so it was worth for that sake trying it, and now I'm a fan," Kallmeyer says. "Not to mention I almost never drop my phone anymore." Fewer precious hours of your life spent waiting at the Apple Store? If that's true, this hack has double the healthy benefits.

Scroll down to peep some of cutest ways to battle pinky fatigue.

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