Is Neem Oil a Natural Spermicide?

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Word on the street is that some women are using neem oil as a natural birth control method. Have you tried it?

natural birth control neem oilAccording to Latham Thomas, holistic nutrition counselor and in-the-know founder of Tender Shoots Wellness, many women are using neem oil as a contraceptive.

We've heard of all kinds of uses for this oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of an Indian evergreen tree—from antibacterial and insecticide to dandruff treatment. But birth control? That got our attention.

After some casual poking around (ahem), we weren't able to confirm the Ayurvedic oil's effectiveness with the ladies. But we found studies published in major medical journals showing positive results in rats.

In one study, neem oil successfully prevented the implantation of fertilized embryos in the uterine wall when given to the critters post-coitus. In another, it terminated the rats' pregnancies when given to them eight to ten days after they got busy.

There's also anecdotal evidence that women in India have been using neem-based creams and suppositories successfully as a form of birth control for a while now, but we couldn't find any products endorsed for internal use here.

Another catch is the potent scent of neem, which isn't exactly an aphrodisiac, and may act as birth control unto itself.

But what we really want to know is: Have you used neem oil as a natural spermicide? Would you use it if you found out it was safe and effective? Tell us, in the Comments, below!

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