I’ve Worn These Winter Boots for 5 Years in Snowy Terrain—And They Still Look Brand Spankin’ New

Photo: J. Crew
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In nearly three decades of blustery Northeast winters, I've learned one certain thing about clothing in the colder months: Most winter apparel doesn't last. New York City slush, salted suburban roads, and frequent snowy or sleet-y days quickly lead to wear-and-tear on everyday winter clothes. Unless you're paying a premium, or caring for your outerwear like you would a newborn baby, the chances of it lasting more than one season are slim.

Which is why, four years later, I am absolutely awestruck by the resilience of my J. Crew Nordic Boots ($119), which are as still cute and cozy as the day I first got them in 2017. The shearling snow boots have proved you can have function and beauty for more than one season, even when wind, salt, snow, and slush try to prove otherwise—and they're 40 percent off right now.

J. Crew, Nordic Boots — $119.00

Originally $198, now $119

These boots are a winter-weather must-have that really do withstand the test of time. They’re currently 40 percent off on J. Crew’s website—just use the code “FESTIVE” at checkout.

I got these fuzzy boots back in 2017 when I was working in New Jersey and needed a warm-but-stylish boot to commute in. I distinctly remember the L.L.Bean Bean Boot ($139) was having a moment, and while they're super cute (and functional against the mighty cold), they were just a little too casual to leave on all day at my corporate office job. So, I asked for J. Crew's boots for Christmas that year instead, and they've become one of my favorite, most-reliable winter pieces I can trust season-to-season.

Unlike traditional snow boots, they're made from suede, meaning they do need to be treated with a waterproofing spray to protect them from getting stained when they get wet. But I've only had to do that twice since getting them: once when I originally opened them, and once last year just to give them a lil' refresh before another harsh winter, and they've held up just fine.

That suede upper is what drew them to me in the first place. I didn't want a "winter boot"-looking winter boot, if you know what I mean. I wanted something that looked effortlessly cool with a smidge of Hygge—something that could take me out in the elements or indoors for a fireside sip of hot cocoa, and the J. Crew Nordic Boots do just that. Between the chunky, rubber sole, the foldable, furry cuff, and the colorful laces, they seamlessly go from indoors to out, keeping feet cozy and dry in the meantime.

But the star of these shoes? The pièce de résistance? The plush shearling that's lined from toe to cuff, cushioning each and every step for next-level comfort and warmth. For the past four years, this shearling insole has resisted slush on Brooklyn streets,  stayed dry in knee-deep Lake Placid powder drifts, kept my toes from freezing off on below zero ice fishing expeditions.

I love, love, loooove my J. Crew Nordic Boots and can pinky promise that, with the littlest TLC, they'll last you from season to season, too, no matter what Old Man Winter throws your way. At 40 percent off the original price of $198, adding them to your cart should be justification enough. Just use the code "FESTIVE" at checkout for winter after winter of warmth (and style).

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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