Jade Stone Is the Low-Key Crystal Hero With Lots of Meaning

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If rose quartz is the Ashley Olsen of love-enhancing crystals, then consider green-hued jade to be Mary Kate—the cooler, more colorful sister to everyone's favorite pastel pink sparkler. They're alike in that Jade and rose quartz are both thought to help balance the heart chakra, the invisible energetic hub that's believed to govern our feelings of love and compassion. But the jade stone meaning is a little bit different, energetically speaking.

"Jade assists with accessing the dreams of the heart, and having the stamina and vigor to bring them into the physical world," says Mariah K. Lyons, the crystal healer, herbalist, and reiki master who created gemstone footwear line Astara. Compare that to rose quartz, which has a softer, more soothing kind of vibe. "Jade works with the heart on both a physical level, helping assist with circulation, as well as energetically with the heart, helping to move trauma and past wounds to find a deep place of understanding, love, and openness," Lyons adds.

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With that in mind, it's no wonder cultures from around the world have long used jade for healing and spiritual rituals. Lyons points out that ancient Mayans called on it to clear negative energy; Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes it in health remedies and beauty treatments; and Maori tribes in New Zealand carved it into sacred talismans. But how can you use it in your life? Let's investigate.

jade stone meaning
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Jade stone meaning: 3 key things you should know

1. Jade is believed to bring luck. Just like a four-leaf clover is considered a symbol of good fortune, jade is thought to have protective, lucky-charm energy. That's why you'll often see jade statues used in feng shui, and why babies in Asian cultures are often gifted jade bracelets when they're born.

2. It represents balance and harmony: If you're feeling off-kilter in any aspect of your life, crystal experts believe Jade can bring you back to center. "It's a perfect stone for grounding, balancing the body, and calming the nervous system," says Lyons. She adds that it can also bring balance to relationships, so think about working with jade if you're, say, jealous of your friend's love life or dealing with an overeager S.O.

3. It could also make you a money magnet: Yep, Jade's one of the many crystals that are believed to add digits to your bank balance. How does it work, exactly? "Jade helps heal trauma or scarcity mindset with money," says Lyons. Its unique molecular vibration is said to help recalibrate your energy so you can see all the abundance that's around you, helping you trust that the universe will provide. Of course, this is a highly unscientific claim. But it definitely wouldn't hurt to stash some jade in your wallet just in case, right?

How to use jade for more love, beauty, and prosperity

Although not as ubiquitous as rose quartz, it's recently become a lot easier to shop for jade. All you have to do is walk into Sephora and pick up a jade roller—a buzzy tool that's become an integral part of many peoples' skin care rituals. "Jade [rolling] helps to increase circulation and blood flow to the face, assists the lymphatic system, and removes stagnant energy," says Lyons. "It leaves the face lighter and smoother and lessens any puffiness."

After you're done with your roller, you can continue to chill out in a jade eye mask while wearing jade-infused activewear. (Too extra? Never.) But if you prefer to work with the crystal in a more old-school way, you can meditate with it or place a jade stone in your space. Lyons says it's especially powerful to keep a hunk of jade at your desk. "It's a way to increase creativity, bring in more abundance and prosperity, and release negative energy or old thought patterns," she says. Or if your "office" is a rotating roster of coffee shops, invest in some jade jewelry (or make a piece yourself)—Lyons says that it can keep you "balanced and in pure flow," both motivating and centering you as you go about your daily business. Think of it as the fashion equivalent to a matcha latte.

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