I Tried These Buzzy Skin-Care Supplements—Here’s What Happened

As someone with particularly blemish-prone skin, breakouts are a rude reminder that despite my total obsession with wellness, my complexion is the one thing not reaping the benefits from my spinach salad with ACV dressing. Insert record scratch here.

Here's the gist: I've dealt with pretty embarrassing acne since middle school, and though it tapered off a bit with age, I was still dealing with annoyingly lingering blemishes into my mid-20s.

After moving to New York and beginning my love affair with wellness, I tried eating solely organic foods, eliminating entire food groups, and switching to vegan skin-care products in the name of clearing up my skin—but nothing really made a difference. I would still consistently break out on my chin and cheeks, especially around my period.

Naturally, I'm always looking for the newest methods promising clearer skin and tinier pores, so when I heard about jane iredale's line of skin-boosting supplements I was intrigued (the before and after photos on their website are pretty stunning).

By the end, people in the office were literally asking me what skin-care products I was using.

I took this quiz to find out which one was right for my skin type, and landed on Skin Accumax®—a patented formula of vitamins A, C, E, and diindolylmethane (a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables) specifically designed for clearing problem skin.

The recommended duration for taking the vitamins is 14 weeks, so I ordered my bottle and strapped in for a three-month experiment. Hint: By the end, people in the office were literally asking me what skin-care products I was using (the results were that legit). Here's the full story.

Keep reading to find out how the skin-saving supplements worked, and whether I'll actually keep using them.

Jane Iredale skin care supplements
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It's a totally no-hassle routine

The supplement guidelines recommend taking two capsules twice daily with breakfast and dinner, but because of my often-varying evening schedule I opted for timing them with breakfast and lunch. Even better? The vegan capsules are good for your skin, but not at the expense of giving you a stomach ache. They're made with clean ingredients and no harsh chemicals for easy absorption.

Once I fell into the rhythm of remembering to take them with my meals, it was pretty much autopilot from there. No elaborate skin-care routine to adopt, no time-consuming face masks. Easy peasy.

As a bonus, the packaging is also super pretty. My desk is "decorated" with a dozen bottles of essential oils and herbal supplements (because #wellness), but the floral patterned canister the Skin Accumax® comes in is by far the prettiest, which made adding it to my routine feel special. It's the little things, right?

jane iredale skin supplements
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For me, it took way less than 14 weeks to notice a difference

The jane iredale website notes that people have waited for as little as three weeks and as long as five months before seeing results with Skin Accumax®, but for me it took even less time.

Two and a half weeks after I began my regimen, I started noticing fewer new blemishes popping up, and that even during my periods, my skin was less and less affected.

By the time I reached the 10-week mark, my roommate was marveling at my next-level glow ("You have doll skin," were her exact words), and I found myself believing for the first time that maybe having face-wash-commercial dewey skin might actually be a possibility for me after all.

jane iredale skin supplements
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My review

With so many different supplements and topical products claiming to be the ultimate solution for your clearest skin ever, I admit I was skeptical at first of how well this experiment would actually work.

But the results didn't just meet my expectations—they blew right past them. As someone who just a few years ago would never, ever leave the house without face makeup on, I loved the confidence my post-Accumax complexion gave me to go out in public with an au natural look.

The verdict: Skin Accumax® left my oily, acne-prone skin glowier and clearer than it's ever been, and that's why it gets a (literally) glowing review. After 14 weeks, Jane says you can decrease from four capsules to two—but one thing is for sure: They're now a permanent fixture on my desk.

Take the quiz to find your own supplement soulmate, then snag it by shopping below.

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