This Magical High-Tech Kettlebell Is Basically Six Kettlebells in One

Creating a solid home gym is tricky, particularly when you lack an extra room to devote to your fitness pursuits or simply live in a small apartment. Take it from me: I splurged on a fold-up Pilates reformer in my old place that's currently collecting dust in a closet due to the lack of space in my new one. Womp, womp. But thankfully, new innovations in the fitness space (looking at you, Mirror!) are making it easier than ever to get in quality workouts in the comfort of your own home. Most recently, the magical JaxJox kettlebell that's basically six kettlebells in one.

Fitness technology company JaxJox solves the storage problem with KettlebellConnect ($349). Within a single piece of equipment, you get a weight range from 12 to 42 pounds. After selecting the weight you want on a digital screen, in increments of six pounds, your "new" kettlebell will be ready to use in just three seconds after it loads up the weight. At any weight, it rattles a bit during swings (unlike a solid kettlebell), but that's not enough to deter me from using it regularly.

The high-tech device also monitors your form and tracks your reps and sets, rest time, weight time, and power. It also gives you the option for personalized training so you can get the most out of your workout. That's cool, but I can't say how often I'd use it. Beyond the (kettle)bells and whistles, the real draw here is the fact that it's compact, making it easy to tuck behind the sofa between workouts. Additionally, like Peloton and other at-home fitness options, the brand's digital platform is available via an app with workout videos featuring top trainers.

Until I can make some extra room, my Pilates reformer is just going to have to wait it out. But with new tech like this weight-changing kettlebell, you better believe I'll still be getting a sweat on in my living room.

For other tech-y home workout tools like the JaxJox kettlebell, try these enhanced jump ropes or the rowing version of Peloton.

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