Jenna Dewan’s $6 Secret to Full Eyebrows

Photo: Instagram/@jennadewan

Jenna Dewan has become a sort of bona fide beauty guru. The actress-slash-dancer recently launched her own beauty channel on YouTube and has since divulged all sorts of secrets—everything from her 3-concealer hack to the body oil she calls "heaven in a bottle." Next up? Dewan's revealing the secret to thick, enviable brows—that last all day and also look thick, yet natural.

Because, as she shares in this video on her YouTube channel, "I really think brows frame a face," she says. "I have nothing on the face, maybe a little bit of concealer, but if the brows are good, the face is framed and I'm ready to go." To start this all off Dewan uses a spoolie to brush her brow hairs up and out, moving them away from her eyes so that they take up more space on the brow bone.

Then, she uses a waxy pencil (her choice: the Anastasia's Brow Definer Pencil), making tiny dashes on the on the tops of brows to strengthen the line, while still looking natural. She continues brushing the hairs up with the spoolie to help blend the pencil line with the hairs. While she used to do the same on the bottom edges of the arches, she stopped because it made the lines look too harsh.

To finish, she holds the look together with an inexpensive drugstore find: the $6 Maybelline's Great Lash Clear Mascara. "I love this stuff," admits Dewan. "It's not necessarily a brow gel, but it's clear mascara and it works just as good. Let me tell you, this stuff stays all day." She sweeps the formula against the hair grain and up so that the arches look full and thick.

Or you know, in her words, like "Brooke Shields natural brows." She definitely makes a strong case for embracing the bold eyebrow. Easy makeup look, achieved—all for the price of a latte. Yes, please.

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