Why Jenna Dewan Tatum Uses 3 Concealers at Once to Cover Dark Circles

Photo: Instagram/@jennadewan

Dark under-eye circles are the pits. So when you're seeing celebrities in your social media feeds frolicking around with perfectly executed no-makeup-makeup looks —and not an under-eye circle in sight—it can cue a frustrated eye roll as you chug coffee and matcha while slathering on gobs of concealer to look more awake.

That's why it's super refreshing that your girl Jenna Dewan Tatum gets real about how she covers up darkness under her eyes, in a recent installment on her YouTube channel.

The actress-dancer's (formerly) best-kept secret? She blends three different concealers to cover the area. To start, Dewan Tatum sweeps on her go-to concealer (number one), Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer ($70). "It's legitimately what I use every single day," she says. "I put it all around the under-eyes. I think for some reason, using my fingers for concealer is a little more natural—it pushes it in. This concealer covers everything and it's really creamy."

"It immediately gets rid of dark eye circles and it brightens the area."


Okay, but it doesn't stop there. After applying foundation—on the days where she wants more coverage—and her eye makeup, mascara, and all, Dewan Tatum goes at it again with two more concealers. It's a trick she picked up from a makeup artist on set that fully obliterates any dark under-eye circles that linger and it nixes any pigment fallout from eyeshadow.

"I dab IT Cosmetics [Bye Bye Under-Eye Anti-Aging Concealer, $24] in the triangle area under my eyes and dab it in with my fingers a lot," says Dewan Tatum. "Then I go back with my brush if there's a lot [left] and dab it more. Then, I use my Urban Decay Naked Skin [$29] a little bit." She only applies a dot of this one by the innermost area of her under-eyes, near the nose.

"It's magical because it immediately gets rid of dark eye circles and it brightens the area," she raves. Welp, it seems you can stop chugging your coffee and start applying tons of concealer.

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