Jenna Dewan’s Six-Move Toning Series Will Make You Feel Like a Back-up Dancer

Photo: Instagram/@jennadewan

Regardless of her relationship status, Jenna Dewan can definitely help you Step Up your fitness game. The workout warrior just shared a six-move toning series on her YouTube channel that'll make you feel like a back-up dancer as you pulse your way to increased strength.

And because Dewan is a busy lady—just like you undoubtedly are as well—she doesn't always have time to work out, especially with a 4-year-old daughter running around. So she turns to the following series of dance-cardio moves, from personal trainer and choreographer Jennifer Johnson, AKA JJ Dancer. The actress says she runs through the workout "on set, in my trailer, and in my home"—basically anytime, anywhere.

The moves are all booty-shaking takes on classics—like Jenna Squats, an eight count, pulsating edition of the standard version. Check out all the exercises below, which are perfect for when you only have a few minutes—and a hankering to bust a move.

Ready to work out like Jenna Dewan? Try this 6-move toning series at home.


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