This Internet-Famous and Celebrity-Loved Cardigan Sells Out Every Year—I’m Adding It To My Cart As Fast as I Can

Photo: Jenni Kayne
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Last year, we warned you the Jenni Kayne Cocoon Sweater wouldn't be in stock for long (after selling out five times, that is). And this year, we're here with that same kind of urgency. Jenni Kayne's toasty and perfectly tailored sweaters are on the verge of selling out again—in fact, many of their styles were gone faster than we could say "cozy" after the brand hosted its first sale of the season this past week.

Loved by celebs like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Ashley Tisdale, and Miranda Kerr—and worn by seemingly every put-together human on Instagram—Jenni Kayne has gained near supernatural notoriety for its inimitable high-quality, sustainable, and low-effort style sweaters (the brand sells buzzy shoes—like its shearling slides—and magazine cover-quality home goods, too). It's no surprise our bookmarked Jenni Kayne loot sells out overnight.

I'm a bad shopping editor—I missed the brand's sale, and before I could get my hands on a sweater, it was already gone. So, I've been watching my favorite styles like a hawk with a smartphone. I bring good news, though: Several styles that were snagged are back in stock, and you can purchase them now to add to your autumnal wardrobe. But I wouldn't wait for long.

jenni kayne
Jenni Kayne Cable Cardigan — $375.00

I have this sweater in Dark Camel, and it is stun-ning. Perfectly slouchy and made of a soft cotton blend I could curl up in if I were a kitten, I throw this on when it gets cool at night in LA, or need to look professional on a Zoom call with my editor. It very much gives luxurious Hamptons house, and provides a lightweight warmth you can still easily layer with. The best part is that it’s so versatile. Pair it with jeans, dresses, pajamas—you name it. It looks so heckin’ classy. It’s my favorite thing in my closet (and I have a lot of things in my closet). Yes, like all stuff Jenni Kayne, the price tag is high, but since the sweater is so durable, you’ll own it for decades. It’s a worth-it investment, trust me.

Sizes available: XXS-3X

Colors available: Dark Camel, Ivory

jenni kayne fisherman sweater
Jenni Kayne Oversized Cashmere Fisherman — $445.00

POV: It’s mid-October, and you’re drinking a mug of afternoon coffee on your lake-side porch in your picturesque Maine cabin. It’s 50 degrees out, crisp, but sunny enough to warm your hair. The rest of you feels snuggly inside your Jenni Kayne cashmere fisherman sweater, oversized and drape-y, like a blanket. Every time you wear this sweater, you’ll feel *that* level of fall perfection—even if you’re sitting in a city apartment in the dead of winter. Made of recycled cashmere, cotton, and 2 percent wool, this fisherman sweater is just heavy enough to give you the durability and warmth you need. It also fits like a runway dream. Thanks to its best-in-class material and craftsmanship, it’ll likely last you a lifetime if you take care of it—worth every penny.

Sizes available: XXS-XXL

Colors available: Charcoal, Taupe

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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