Jennifer Aniston’s Hack for Turning Any Lipstick Into a Kiss-Proof Stain

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images
Ah, red carpet beauty: So glamorous, so hard for us regulars to achieve. An ultra-sleek, slicked-back pony looks effortless when Kendall Jenner does it, but it takes exactly one tube hair gel and one can hair spray to tame your own mane; a contour that photographs stunningly for Instagram can look like dust on your cheeks IRL; and I actually think that it requires an MFA to achieve the drama that comes with a movie star's cat eye. But there's one beauty unicorn that real women (just like me) chase in tandem with A-list celebs like Jennifer Aniston: the perfect long-wear lipstick.

While long-wear formulas do exist, they often leave your lips bone-dry and shriveled, leading to uneven pigment on your pucker that's likely not quite the look you're going for.  Luckily, Health spotted that Aniston's makeup artist Jillian Dempsey has the perfect hack to turn an otherwise creamy lipstick (one you already own!) into a won't-budge lip stain that will stay with you all. day. long.

Her trick? Dempsey applies Aniston's creamy lip shade and then uses a DHC Blotting Paper ($5) to remove the excess formula—you know, the bit that would otherwise get left behind on the spout of your water bottle or slide right off while eating. As Dempsey puts it: This can help to "blot excess cream lipstick, to mattify the color and create a stain look."

It does so, however, while still using a formula that's full of oils and shea butters that keep lips happy rather than drying them out the way that matte lipsticks sometimes can. IMO: It's kind of the best of all worlds: a formula that nourishes; a lipstick that sticks with you all day or all night; and another reason to treat the world as though it's your red carpet, because darling: It is.

Also, I don't know if you've heard, but Carrie Underwood ditched her moisturizer and Jenna Dewan Tatum has an equally inexpensive and brilliant hack for fluffing up her eyebrows, both right this way.

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