FYI: Jennifer Aniston’s Morning Coffee Routine Is Super Easy To Copy

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When it comes to celebrity wellness regimens we want to copy ASAP,  Jennifer Aniston never disappoints. From at-home workouts and fitness tips from her trainer, to the beauty rituals that keep her looking ageless, the award-winning actress is a goldmine for inspo. The latest Jen-moment we're dying to try? Her morning coffee order.

A few months ago, the Friends star posted a video of her making coffee before an appearance on The Morning Show (set to the iconic Dolly Parton tune 9 to 5, nonetheless.) While it's taken us a bit of sleuthing, we've figured out exactly what Aniston's morning cup of ambition consists of, and how you can replicate it for yourself at-home.

And no, you'd don't need a state-of-the-art coffee machine or artisan ingredients. All you need is a single-serve coffee maker and some skin-saving collagen powder (and if you're looking for the very best single-serve coffee makers, click on that previous link, because we've got some great recs, including one that's Aniston-approved).


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After watching and re-watching the high-speed video, it appears Aniston makes her morning cup of joe using two easy products: a Nespresso coffee machine and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder ($15).

While some celebs may opt for a fancy schmancy, barista-made coffee drink, Aniston whips up a convenient cup using a Nespresso machine, which is Nestle's eco-friendly version of the Keurig. While it's hard to make out which exact model she uses, Nespresso makes a handful of affordable, sleek single-serve coffee makers to shop, like the VerturoPlus ($159) or the VertuoNext Deluxe ($189).

As for the collagen powder, Aniston scoops in a spoonful of Vital Protein's collagen, giving her caffeinated beverage a healthy boost. If you're unfamiliar with collagen powder, it's a supplement used to support the health of bones, joints, skin, and more.

Vital Proteins—the supplement brand Aniston endorses—has a Collagen Peptide Powder sourced from grass-fed cows (heads up—it's not vegan) and infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to give your hair, skin, and nails maximum benefits. In the video, Aniston sips on the unflavored version, which blends seamlessly in with beverages (it'll mix better with hot ones, but you can pair the powder with iced drinks, too). If you want to add a little mocha splash to your morning beverage, Vital Protein's makes a chocolate version, too.

That's it—no expensive coffee beans or high-tech equipment needed. A convenient coffee maker and a splash of collagen powder are all you need to make Aniston's go-to coffee order. This delicious beverage is so easy to make, you can enjoy a celeb-worthy coffee in seconds, giving your body (and wallet) an extra boost.

The two things you need for Jen-approved coffee

Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine — $189.00

Make barista-worthy coffee in the push of a button with Nespresso’s single-serve coffee maker.

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Photo: Vital Proteins
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement — $15.00

Scoop a spoonful of this collagen powder in your coffee to give hair, skin, and nails a boost. Also available in chocolate.

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